Deleting friends from the friends list: works half the time

This feature works maybe half the time for me.

  1. Go to friends list
  2. Click name
  3. Delete

Sometimes they still remain on my friends list.

Reasons for deleting: They are inactive.

I don’t know if this happens to just me but I’ll bring it up anyway.

Hi, I believe we have this in our todo list to investigate. If you have a person who isn’t deleted correctly, does that persist through a game reboot and as many times as you try to do it?

Does this persist through a game reboot?
I’ve not noticed that the friends list was updated through a reboot. I shall try to do this again when I have the chance to be 100% sure. I do not reboot the game everytime this happens.
I have tried to delete the same users from my list 4-5 times within the same play session with similar results; results being nothing happens.

If there is anything else you’d like me to test.
I’d be happy to test certain steps and under certain conditions if that will help the investigation.