Demon Tongue Mob Discovery

Howdy all!

Have not been able to find any information on the Wiki or the Forum regarding this,
Yesterday myself and another person (sorry I forgot your name!!) where killing Wolfs when i decided to kill some sheep, after killing a few sheep I was surprised when suddenly the most scary looking creature spawned out of a sheep!

Me and another group today have been farming these sheep in hopes of getting epic loot no one has seen before but so far no luck with any loot!

I’ve never been more terrified at something running at me in VR haha!


I had this happen to me to. Creepy looking thing.

the first… and last time I killed a sheep, the licking monster came at me. it was legit unexpected and killed me quick. respect the sheep.

Heya Falconian! It’s Kabina :stuck_out_tongue:
Yea that thing was creepy as hell, highly recommended that if anyone else wants to find this thing, do so in a group with a musketeer for healing, a mage for buffs and dps, and a warrior to tank, cuz this thing will destroy you if you aren’t organized… We’ve seen it spawn in level 6 and 7 variants, so keep those levels high! And if anyone comes across any interesting loot, let us know so we can all decide if its worth farming aside from the great EXP!


Wow this actually makes me glad that I didn’t go around killing sheep… Having a huge monster spawn would be crazy when you’re not expecting it. I may need to check it out on the next Alpha test…

anyone have a ss or video of it?

I had taken a screenshot of it but i cant find where steam saved it to… so, none yet :frowning: But we had i think, 7 or 8 witnesses to it.

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Given how it spawns and moves, it’s kinda hard to get a good shot of it, but I can say that it’s super damn freaky. You’ll have to discover it for yourself!

(Edit: Happily updated by request to remove images)


That was me, mate :slight_smile

that was fun !

I mean I’m not going to like “police” this type of thing by going around and editing and deleting forum posts and whatnot. But I will say, in a different thread someone mentioned that they had “heard people talking about the monster that pops out of sheep, but they didn’t believe them until they saw it and it freaked them out.” And I just read that and it just put this giant smile onto my face.

It’s probably totally unrealistic in this day and age to expect this to be able to happen, but isn’t it awesome that at this early point in the game there are “rumors” about things that are passed among the players…that people believe or don’t believe…and then there are other players that are finding out those rumors are true? So cool!

So I dunno. If it were me, I would say, if it’s something like the easter egg hunt, or this type of thing that’s clearly meant to be a “surprise” part of the game, yeah I’d prefer that there wasn’t a forum thread at the top of the list with a screenshot that says “LOOK! Loch Ness monster confirmed!” But at the same time, it’s probably impossible to prevent. Haha.