Descriptions for items like arrows

Hey, I am new to the community. I played 1st time on the stress test for 10/5/2017 and loved the game. One thing that I found most confusing was there were no item descriptions for anything and that would be helpful so that way I could know what the different arrows did and like what kind of damage different bows did for example. Is this going to be implemented??

It might have been something easily overlooked, but there are item descriptions for everything ( I believe) in the game currently. To see the description you use your finger and hover over the item in your inventory and a box will appear with the info. Glad you liked the game and thanks for joining us, if you enjoyed the stress test (and the problems we had with it) you will definitely enjoy the game during the Beta testing.

Ohhhh I see so it was a id10t error lol. Is there like a manual for all the different gestures and tools in the game

About this i was thinking you should add a little menu for the item selected where you can choose all the actions (split, info, equip, remove etc…), sometimes is pretty hard show the info and sometimes doesn’t work at all until i reopen the menu.

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The wiki is your best bet for info. It has info on everything from class mechanics to how to equip weapons

Edit: ignore the “First time players guide” on the wiki. It is outdated and not useful

We have adjusted the sensitivity of the “hover” so the desc should show up more reliably now.


I’m so glad to hear that, I have always found it a pain to look at the item description. Sometimes I just give up. I’m glad you changed the sensitivity of it. I will heck that out in the next test.

Since you can’t multi select would it be possible to have an option to show details when you select an item? Holding my hand up to read all the details is cumbersome not to mention if I’ve been playing a while having to hold my arm still and up is just extra effort lol.

With the weight carrying limit you won’t be looking at an army of items and once you recognize certain ingredients and weapons you’ll hover for a second to check 1 stat then move on. I wouldn’t worry about long bodies of text on items