Desert Dunegon Bug


we went into the desert dungeon and some enemies took way too many hits, as if they were level 20 elites as health level


which enemies specifically?


…a few of the cactai, healers, and a snake?probably :joy: hate those healers.
Yah they are elite without a marker.


Yeah we made a list of exactly what was elite but not showing, and there was about 10 of them that were.
Never got a dev response, so who knows what’s up with it?


It has bin reported before. Im guessing its intended, and they simply haven’t added the elite markers yet. Maybe with the next patch.


i don’t see how they can be elites because some enemies act like elites but are the same enemies as others that are not elites


I don’t think it is a bug that they are elites, the only bug is that it is not displayed properly. At the first open zone you will find 3 elite Manticore, on the left 2 elite Ifrits, all the healers are also elite, on the right side, 3 out of 4 Ghouls are also elite, another group is made up of elites (Cactaur, snake and Ifrit)


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