Destinations not marked on compass

so I’m supposed to go to Hulthine’s gate, sounds easy enough except it’s not on the map and its not on the compass. Am I supposed to wander around the entire world for 5 hours looking for it?

If you walk towards the burning forest you will find a tower on the way. When you get close to that place you will see Hulthine’s gate on the compass.

Edit: also it is indeed strange you don’t get any clue on where you need to walk. The devs will probably respond on this soon.

Thx, yeah its kinda weird you just gotta guess the general direction of your quests

Which quest are you on right now? Every quest should give you the direction you want to head or at least the nearest town closet to your destination, so I will look at the dialogue and make sure that it gets updated with more information. Thanks for letting us know.

Ty. I mean I guess a pro tip would be that every time you are in a new area take a look at your compass just to see all the nearby places so that after you walk a mile to turn in a quest and it sends you back out there to a nearby spot you will know where it is xD. I literally walked past it like 10 times and never checked the compass before I got the quest for it so I didn’t know where it was.

Do you remmber what quest it was by chance? it will help me tracking down the dialogue

Yeah maybe it’s not in the quest npc’s dialogue but for sure a great tip in this game is to read everything. npcs tell you some information that may be vague but it will be enough to get you to the next hint or close to where you need to go. I thought everything was hidden until i started reading the quests XD

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