Destroy Quest Items?

Sorry for the incoming vagueness, as I’m currently at work and cannot verify any specific details…

Is there a way to delete quest items you’ve picked up? I was fighting some Bandits just down the stairs from the giant statues (on the mountain top) and they dropped a white Crest. I picked up quite a few of them but have not found a way to delete, sell, or break them down. I didn’t see a quest in my Journal for them either.

Well get that fixed so you can destroy them, thanks for the report.


That’ll be great. I picked up a couple of knight’s crests from one of the really early quests and I still have one in my inventory after turning in the quest.

I have been able to “trash” my quest items at the Smith. You cantr sell them but you can destroy them when you are talking to her so instead of going to sell them just click on them and click for the trash can button.


Oh wow. That’s quite some workaround :smiley: didn’t even know this was possible. Thanks for letting us know.

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Good to know @Lee_j! I’ll give it a try.

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