Dev Blog 10/14: Re-Worked Ranger Abilities & Day-Night Cycle

There’s a new Dev Blog up today with info on the re-working of the Ranger class based on your feedback from the stress test. Check it out:

Feel free to discuss it below!

Looks awesome! Thank you for listening to us

Glad to see the 2 handed aiming and charge shot made the cut. I still think making the archer draw an ability from arrows on the waist seems to be an unnecessary impedance in contrast with the fluidity the class is supposed to offer and would be much better suited to the load+fire crossbow class.

For example the green arrow could involve touching the arrow to the ground before firing, allowing players to keep firing, but kneel and quickly caress the arrow to the ground without having to look away from target to see they’re selecting the right arrow from their waist (since there seem to be at least 2 at the moment).

Try to leverage the deliberate full body action that VR allows.

The zone for grabbing each arrow is much larger than just the arrow. The goal is definitely that you can just reach down without looking and get it. I just over exaggerated looking down in the video to show it.

That said if we find in gameplay testing it’s too hard to reliably select it we’ll keep working on it.