Dev Blog: Alpha Test 2 Recap

There’s a new Dev Blog out today with a quick recap of the last test and some general thoughts based on the stats from it:

There’s been a lot of feedback on the Runemage casting difficulty and while it’s an important topic, I think what’s been said is sufficient.

I’d be interested in the following other feedback from the test, though:

  1. Did you find the Player Compass easier to use in terms of it staying “on” when you were doing Party Chat?

  2. How did you feel about the Runemage spells themselves (not the drawing of them, the actual mechanics of the spell after it was cast)?

  3. How did the dungeon tuning feel if you were able to do it? (Difficulty of groups, bosses, etc.)?

  4. How did the XP rate feel this time compared to last?


compass worked well. The radius was plenty wide and i had no issues with it turning off.

Spells were solid. Fireball was a little string compared to iceLance but they all seemed to work as intended.

The dungeon was too easy. I beat it 3 times with little trouble. Polymorph made the trash mobs simple and both bosses didn’t hit very hard. Besides some enemies being glitched in the walls I didn’t run into any issues.

Xp was solid for alpha. The 300% let us level quickly as a group of 5. I didn’t do much solo leveling.

  1. I had 0 issues with the compass functioning as a party chat tool this go around. Worked very well.

  2. Fireball over everything else. It just made the most sense dps wise it does so much damage.
    Affliction - you could stack these yourself which I would assume is a bug?
    I understand arcane explosion, ice lance, and arcane ray have the benefit of hitting multiple enemies but I can’t find a situation against current mob groups there it makes any sense to use them aside from ice lance sounding awesome.
    Arcane explosion- to me it just seems like it would make more sense for a skill of this difficulty to possibly have some pushback or maybe a .5 second stun built in. The damage at max about 80? Unless there was a huge group of weak mobs surrounding you, I don’t see anyone using it.

  3. The dungeon was great. It sets a very nice pace for a starter dungeon. Mobs in Walls are the only real issue I see. (I beat the dungeon 2 or 3 times and quit the last boss once or twice because some members were having issues) I think I noticed the gear bag I picked up that bugged me out had purple sparkles instead of gold. (Did that mean rare loot?!)

Edit: nice change to the elite mob at the end of the bridge. He is much more powerful now than before and it feels fitting.

  1. xp rate felt good (I was in a party of 5 almost the entire time) got to level 8 pretty quickly, so I think it will make a lot of sense when tuned back down to 100% and quests are added.

Thanks for getting the blog out so quickly!

  1. I had no issues with the player compass any of the times I used it during this test.

  2. I think fireball may need to be tuned down a bit. It seems like spamming fireball is the optimal dps for most solutions. There are a few exceptions, but in general I think the spell is just a little too good. It’s also one of the easiest (for me) to cast so the chances of fizzling are greatly reduced, further increasing DPS. I also feel that Arcane Explosion may be a little underpowered. It is one of the most complex runes and doesn’t seem to be very rewarding for the effort until you get into very large groups of enemies (probably 4+). I didn’t have issue with any of the other spells, though I found few uses for decurse which is really a shame because it is my favorite spell animation. That will probably change as more enemies are added to the game though.

  3. I think the dungeon was still too easy. The bosses were appropriately tuned, but being able to poly the mobs made a huge difference on the trash. Maybe increasing the size of the trash pulls to 4 or 5 would help? To be fair, my group had 3 runemages so we were basically 5v1 the entire run.

  4. I was always grouped so I can’t really speak to XP gains solo vs. grouped. I was able to hit 8 in every class except warrior without much trouble though and skipping warrior was a conscious decision, not a time constraint.

Thanks again for all of your work and I’m looking forward to the next test!

  1. the compas worked perfectly

  2. I was quite satisfied when I was able to cast any of the spells actuality. How ever there should be a fizzle animation when a player fails the spell. Just an idea that’s all

  3. I never had the chance to dungeon so I cannot answer that question

  4. I can’t tell how the exp rate felt since there are only 8 levels. From past mmo experiences the meat of leveling up starts normaly at 19 to 25

Yeah as I mentioned we’ll eventually be balancing the groups assuming you have two or three “hard” CC available since both Runemage and Ranger will have it. So that would make it more difficult. Right now if you load up on Runemages you are definitely “breaking the balance”, haha.

I’ll be doing another pass at all of the Runemage spells later on as we approach Beta and all of the abilities are in for all classes to get them working better damage-wise. For example, Affliction is too short right now probably, as you said the AoE spells need to increase in damage…generally speaking, Fireball is always going to be a core piece of your rotation for single-target DPS, but certainly you should have an incentive to rotate in 2 or 3 other spells as well, and you definitely shouldn’t be using it if there are 2-3+ available targets you could hit with an AoE attack. That’s all just tweaking that we’ll do as we’re able to better balance the combat, which we can’t really do until all the classes have had their reworks done.


So the mobs are starting off inside the walls then walking through them after you aggro something else? Okay, haha, I’ll fix that.

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Yeah, sometime an entire group - primarily the ghosts and earth elemental past the little crab things will all start in the walls and you’ll maybe see half of one mobs body.

  1. had no issues with party compass at all, worked well for me.
  2. the runemage spells felt great! - I loved casting them and I do not think they were at all ‘difficult’. I think it is good the way they are as once practiced they are very powerful and the better you get the quicker you can kill enemies. It would be too easy if they were made simpler and the sort of learning challenge vanishes a little.
    3)Dungeon tuning was balanced I think. I played it 3 times. 2 times it glitched out but the final time we managed to clear it with 4 in the team! - the only reason this happened I think was that we were well coordinated so do not take that as a means to make it more difficult or some teams may not clear it at all. The only thing I would comment on was the glitches but I am sure you already had enough reports on that.
    4)The XP was much better I think. It was easier to level alone too which was great.

I like the idea of skill cap on mage runes in general, but I’d prefer it if this was kept to the combat-type spells. Adding a skill cap to the rituals, which are out of combat only, is more of an annoyance than anything. Having to wait 5+ minutes for a rez serves no purpose. But i can completely understand things like decurse and fireball needing to ne practiced and not working 100% of the time

One thing that i did notice, frost lance on a frozen target did less damage than a fireball. If thats the case, why would you ever use frost lance? EDIT: I see you discusding fireball damage earlier now.

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Those are my opinions in bold above.

Ok so after many hours of Game play and some rest. I may actually be able to write a legible piece.

I spent many hours getting gear for my warrior and helping other players learn how to play and get them going. @Johann and I leveled to max in a good amount of time even if all we did was MURDER wolves. (Johann Runemage and I musketeer) For the alpha leveling I really believe you have Nailed the xp rate correctly and how much XP each gets from killings!


  • Warrior had a few more odd glitches. One of which still came from the sword throw. when thrown into a tree it would teleport me above the world with a graveyard reset required to return. Also the sword throw off the airship is still an issue while I did not do that this time I found I could still throw it off.

  • The range of the sword still seems to be slightly lacking. I do understand that you would not want it to be too far for giving too much of an Advantage. It seems the hit box sizes are fine minus the final boss in the dungeon and the world boss.

  • Shield had some strange occurrences with not actually blocking when in place. Place behind back and pull back out always solved the issue. It was a more Rare thing to have happen.

  • Randomly when placed on back and would go for a kill on say a sheep. I had my Hand at my side and would strangely hit an “Invisible” shield. If I moved my hand away I could hit. Same thing if I equipped it then removed it. I would no longer have this issue.

I’ll end there on the Warrior being it is getting a full overhaul now


Only complaint has been addressed being its overhauled!

Found all but 3 items. 1 of the 3 i actually did find but it was not harvest-able strangely being the apples at the orchard. It would act as if harvested but would not go into my inventory.
Wish I had had more time to harvest. This has been a fantastic start and thoroughly enjoy hunting like this!
Props to @Luvstosmooch for finding all the Harvest items.

Side note: At the end of the test i managed to trap myself in my house by attempting to be lazy and use the graveyard option. Hopefully this will not be a problem when I start the next test. I was afk when you had replied to me on how to fix it. When i got back to the computer later servers were shut down. Was a great run. Many hours logged.

Only crazy issue I would run into is it would be as if my character could end up on a separate shard from my Party.

Im pleased to see the return of 48 hour tests as my brain may get some rest. Even if the test is going on :slight_smile:

Game has been a blast so far very excited to see whats in the future!!

As for you’re questions

  1. Player compass was Fantastic while I did grab it a couple of times on accident reaching for the turret it happens.
  2. I played a little bit of Runemage. It was a blast and I learned how to do most all spells. I COULD NOT for the life of me get the first rune down for portals!!! Drove me insane. I’m sure it was the length of how I was drawing the rune. Most all other spells long as I concentrated on what I was doing I had no problems casting. I really like the concept on how they play. For pvp? not so much they got ripped to shreds pretty easy.
  3. I LOVE THE DUNGEON. I think the mob difficulty could be changed up a little bit but it was fantastic overall being the musketeer couldn’t choose their orbs yet.
  1. Compass
    I guess I’m the exception here. I had a slight issue when I was using it for the first time (was distracted by the disappearance of a party member into another shard) as I didn’t notice the color change when it was close enough so my voice dropped in and out for a bit. Not a big deal once I realized what was wrong.

  2. Runemage spells
    Most of the after-casting mechanics are great! My shoulder is finally not sore from constantly directing fireballs and whatnot like I’m some kind of DBZ character. You might make the light spell go a bit further before settling on its final position maybe. Didn’t get much use out of Arcane Explosion due to the rune difficulty, poor DPS, and generally trying to avoid being a squishy Runemage surrounded by mobs.

  3. Dungeon
    Didn’t get to try this too much. We went in with only 3 people and were able to clear out everything except the boss (which got reset-bugged) and the big spider-crab guy even though we forgot about polymorph. With polymorph and 2 extra players, the mob groups would have been too easy I think.

  4. XP rate
    Didn’t have the opportunity to play in the first alpha so I can’t compare, but I thought the XP rate felt pretty good. A couple hours with a small party is more than enough to get to level 8 on one or two classes. For testing purposes I didn’t feel like I was blowing lots of extra time on grinding.

Bonus: I did have a bit of trouble with the musketeer turret on my belt. Many times I’d bend down to pick up some loot and grab the turret by mistake. Maybe it could be moved back a bit on the belt?

1 - Same as most people the compass was working absolutely fine for me. No problems there.

2 - I played a lot of runemage before and after the rework, all round very solid. I love the variety of spells available now. I think there might be some tweaking required to make fireball such a reliable choice, I imagine some of this will come as the level 2 and 3 spells come out. I think the frost lance could be stronger (when empowered).

Little in depth thingy here (this is what I would like to see):

  • If you were to cast a frostbolt you deal 30 damage

  • If you were to cast a fireball you deal 100 damage

  • If you were to cast Ice lance you deal 60 damage

  • If you cast 2 fireballs you deal 200 damage

  • If you were to cast a frostbolt then a ice lance you would deal 150 damage

The numbers are examples, the point is this. When you cast the fireball that should deal more damage than any other spell. Same applies when you cast 2 of them.

When you tag something with a frostbolt the purpose is to slow it. So you should deal less damage. But if you know to then change up your barrage of fireballs to include a ice lance you should be rewarded for that. So the ice lance deals more damage than a fireball, but the icelance and frostbolt together deal less damage than 2 fireballs because they also bring utility.

I may be wrong here, but I tried it a number of times in game, and even an empowered ice lance seemed to deal less than a fireball.

3 - I don’t think it should be made any harder, we weren’t the best team, we didn’t have enough warriors or musketeers. But the 5 of us weren’t able to even finish off even the small boss. Some people will want there to be harder dungeons which is fine and a good idea. But we were quite happy trying to work through this one, obviously this may change with class reworks.

The groups were a touch forgiving, all you had to do was kill a mob before you died, then you could back off or die and run back, and the next time fighting the group was easier. Don’t really know how to counter this, maybe it’s as it should be. The only suggestion I would have would be to make the dungeon longer and more windy. It would make running back a more arduous process. By the end of the dungeon we were all playing a lot safer to avoid the run back.

4 - XP rate felt about right for the alpha. I was able to level 1 class to 8 (runemage) play on them for a while, then level another to 6 (musketeer) whilst playing with a group. Definitely tons better than last time.

Edit: Good note on the Dungeon, we all totally forgot about polymorph so that definitely didn’t help

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RE: Item 3
The dying and running back approach was what made this easy. Something I just realized is that this approach becomes much less desirable with a death penalty. With that in mind, perhaps tuning the dungeon difficulty (at least the mob groups) could wait until a death penalty is added (assuming that’s the plan) to see how that affects things? Maybe make a dealth penalty an option we can enable so it doesn’t frustrate new testers who are just starting out?

  1. Yes the compass was definitely was better. It’s slightly awkward to talk and move, but not unreasonably so. It stayed on the whole time I was trying to talk though which was awesome.
  2. I both love and hate the “steering” of the projectiles. It’s so neat and definitely a clever way to limit how many fireballs I can have in the air at once, but it’s so embarrassing when I miss. :flushed:

I loved the Sunfire spell. The damage, animation, the double triggers to load, the format (superfast lazerbeam projectile thing) these were all fun/on point in my opinion.
I will say that on a few of the more difficult groups I fought, I just cast mana shield over and over again really quickly to charge my bar so it was ready to go before I engaged the enemies. It felt a little like cheating, but I definitely did it anyways.

Fireball - The spell of choice. High damage and an easy/quick rune meant it was excellent consistent DPS (which is how a fireball should be imho).

Frostbolt - Great for opening or as a second cast because of the slow. Its damage as compared to Fireball seemed about right. That slow + fireball spam made a great farming rhythm. (I also love that this combos with the Ice lance the way it does. Very

Arcane ray– I sucked at casting it so this is more theory/the little experience I had with it. The ray is fun to use, but I likely wouldn’t use it over a projectile in most scenarios for several reasons.
- It’s harder to cast and feels slower to kill things.
- It was rare that when we had multiple enemies they were lined up
in such a way that the ray would have been practical.
- I can’t interrupt the ray once it’s cast. When there are multiple
mobs (the intended use-case) things can go wrong very fast and
having locked into a long-ish cast means I can’t react with any kind
of utility (pushback, a nice hard fireball to pull agro off the dying
person, a polymorph etc.) I don’t have any helpful suggestions for
how to implement.

Arcane Blast – I really didn’t use this at all. I don’t have any idea of the damage/vs cast time ratio which would be the main decider for me. It would have to be pretty big damage to use, since the rune is so complex. I love the idea of it though and can see many potential uses for it.

Affliction –This is my favorite looking spell and I love of this and the concept of it. Dots are the bee’s knees. I used it as much as I could and definitely loved it. I like that it stacked but if it does stack then a max number of stacks is probably a good idea…although I suppose if you’re fast enough at casting to get more stacks then you deserve to be doing more DPS.

Decurse – The spell animation on decurse is super neat but it really looks like a DPS lightning type spell. It was easy and fast to cast (which is should be for a utility type spell). I didn’t really use it for decursing but it seems just right.

Resurrect – I love that it’s a mass resurrect. I did find myself wishing in several scenarios that I could resurrect my party members to where I was standing rather than where they died.

Cantrips – I had quite a bit of fun playing with these. I’d like to be able to choose when to explode the firework though.

Polymorph – I would like for the spell/damage that breaks the polymorph to count toward the damage instead of doing none.

Pushback – The mechanics here were great although it was slightly jarring to not see the mob move back but rather just have it blink out and then back in elsewhere. It worked exactly the way I’d want it to work, however it wouldn’t hurt my feelings for it to push enemies slightly further back.

Portals – I love the rituals for these and the discovering of new stones. For some reason this is the spell/ritual that makes me “feel like a wizard”. I will say that I got a few surprises in terms of where I ended up vs where I thought I was going (which is actually quite a lot of fun if you’re not in a hurry)

mana shield - I didn’t really use it, even though it was easy to cast and use. I don’t really have a reason aside from laziness/it didn’t seem necessary most of the time

  1. Didn’t get a chance to do the dungeon this time. We popped in and with 2 level 8 mages were able to kill the first pull no problem but couldn’t do the subsequent ones

  2. Partying with a group of 4/5 was so fast. When it was just 2 of us it felt “comfortable” but not crazy fast. (it was only 8 levels and 24 hours though, so I wanted to get to 8 as quickly as possible and may have been a little impatient especially since I had to work most of the first afternoon)

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1) Did you find the Player Compass easier to use in terms of it staying “on” when you were doing Party Chat?

It definitely felt like it worked more reliably and as expected in terms of if registering when it was “on” compared to previous tests.

That being said, it does still seem kinda odd that it turns red when it’s working as typically red is associated with closed/stop/broken, but that’s a relatively minor cosmetic issue. It is sometimes difficult to tell who is speaking from the group through the compass, (whereas people in front of you have the speaker indicator) so it might be nice to have some indication of who is speaking through the compass, at least when you are holding it. (Maybe the green groupmate icon gets bigger or gets a speaker icon above it.)

2) How did you feel about the Runemage spells themselves (not the drawing of them, the actual mechanics of the spell after it was cast)?

The mechanics were largely sound. The balance was off, but that’s largely been discussed and understood. A couple specific notes:

  • It could be a little hard to tell how far things like ice lance were expected to hit. I wasn’t sure if I was just missing an incoming mob, or if it was outside the range. Maybe having some sort of lingering ice lance VFX that quickly decays after being fired could convey this.
  • Someone else mentioned this too but it would be nice to be able to choose when the light spell stops and when the firework explodes.
  • There aren’t really a lot of existing scenarios where something like Arcane Explosion makes a lot of sense, due to aggro, casting complexity, distance, and damage. I’m assuming there will be areas/situations in the game with lots of little low health swarming mobs, which will make this a good choice.
  • I’m going to go with an unpopular opinion on this, but I don’t believe polymorph should apply damage to the mob when broken, as it will allow players to prep for alpha strikes on polymorphed mobs even more easily than they already can, and trivialize a number of situations. Additionally, given the impact of polymorph in group combat, it seems like it should have some chance to fail. Barring a direct resist chance (given how frustrating it is), maybe it doesn’t work on certain types of mobs or perhaps you can’t have more than 2 polymorphed mobs in close proximity without them breaking. (Or maybe 1 polymorphed and 1 ranger CC’d when that gets added). Fellow players, please don’t lynch me.
  • Knockback wasn’t really utilized or beneficial as far as I saw. I could see certain encounters play to this as is, but it would be a bit of a stretch. I’d say that it may help if there was a minor (0.5s maybe) stun component added to the knockback.
  • I, like others, had a lot of trouble with the system confusing the two ritual starts (resurrect vs teleport). If I was able to get the first one to register as intended (blue sparkles vs gold sparkles) I could generally get the rest to work, but even with a significant amount of practice it seemed really easy to get them inverted.
  • I really really loved that there were non-combat and even cosmetic-only spells to learn. It feels like an amazing opportunity for really invested runemages to grow into their class even outside of combat, added a ton of flavor, and just made things feel fun for everyone around.
  • Odd minor bug: I did notice that whenever I cast Ice Lance, it wouldn’t let me start casting the next spell (it wouldn’t register my glowing spell lines in the air) for about a half second longer than it did with other spells, so I’d always find myself having to repeat one of the lines.
  • The audio associated with affliction (on the wand at least) was seriously dramatically louder than other spells, to the point of it being difficult to hold a conversation if someone had it sitting on their wand.
  • It’s still hard to tell if someone has opened a portal to the expected destination or not, which can cause a lot of confusion and frustration.
  • Oh, and Sunfire is goddamn awesome. Feels really good in terms of the visual, sound, impact, everything. Big bada boom.

3) How did the dungeon tuning feel if you were able to do it? (Difficulty of groups, bosses, etc.)?

I believe for a starter dungeon wing, it feels very good in terms of duration, difficulty, pacing, and variance. If this is meant to be a high end dungeon (which I don’t believe is the intent), I’d say it’s definitely on the too short and too easy side of things. It organically forces players to handle some basic group dynamics such as hard CC benefits, careful positioning, aggro distances, and target selection. The bosses both feel distinct and fun, with a very tangible feeling of success upon defeating them. The only real issues I see are the bugs (mobs spawning and wandering into walls, mobs getting stuck in non-interaction mode, telegraphs not showing) and the general itemization disappointment (1 drop for 5 players, shared pool with a number of other mobs, etc).

4) How did the XP rate feel this time compared to last?

It felt pretty rapid actually. I think this is partially due to the 300% modifier being back in effect, as well as the core group of alpha testers getting more comfortable and optimized in their grinding. I think if the goal is for the “average alpha tester” (which is a hard definition to establish for a kickstarted VR MMO for a number of reasons), is that they are expected to be able to reasonably hit level 8 on at least one class in a playtest window, we are in a pretty good spot.

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Don’t have much to add, agree with most of what’s been said here. A couple of very specific notes:

  • In the last test, I never had a problem with grabbing and throwing the Musketeer turret; it felt very natural. However, this test, throwing the turret often didn’t work right for me; it would end up in the ground in front of me.
  • Agree with @Draven on the Ice Lance issue. It seemed to me like the alpha fade on the spell’s vfx took too long to finish, so while it appeared to the caster that the spell was done, the animation was still playing.
  • I also felt that Knockback didn’t quite pay for itself. The push-back distance wasn’t very far. Either adding a stun or increasing the push-back distance would help.
  • I understand the complaints about Arcane Explosion and I know you’ve already said you’re going to tweak the damage on that one. However, I did find it useful in a couple of cases, even as-is.
  • There were times when I found myself surrounded by enemies, knew that teammates were attacking all of them, and my calculation was that firing the AoE and hopefully finishing one or more off (rather than taking the time to reposition, or to single-target one, probably doing overkill damage) was the best move. Maybe it was the wrong call, but I appreciated having that tactical option available to me.
  • In PvP, when hitting opponents with single-target spells can be very tricky, having an AoE like Arcane Explosion meant that I could do reliable damage.
  • Still curious to know whether Decurse was actually functional. It’s possible that it was removing effects and just not updating the status icons over the player’s head? At any rate, I think that’s worth checking out.
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  1. The player compass works good, the audio works good. I’d like an option to “set it and forget it” so that it stays hovering within group chat range, or stays in view for chasing an objective. VOIP in game still feels a little rough and I do honestly still feel some desire to use a second party solution like discord.
  2. Runemage spells feel like a reasonably well rounded set of options. There’s some tinkering to do to have spells that fill out differentiated roles.

Sunfire- Was fun to use, and felt unique. I’m good at casting frostbolt quickly and sometimes I would just dumbfire about 10 of them in a row to get a sunfire prepped. Not sure how you’d avoid this but you should know it’s possible to cheese some enemies like this.

Fireball - I don’t like the new rune as much as i liked the old one, but this one works. The h is for HOT. The spell damage on this feels about right, some other spells feel a bit low.

Frostbolt - I’m very fast and consistent on this. When you dropped the accuracy requirement I found i was able to make a “p” shape that worked about 95% of the time. Works good for what it is.

Arcane ray– I like this. The dps is decent, it’s nice and consistent, and it hits multi targets. I also found the rune wasn’t too hard. Slower to cast than the main nukes, but worth it, and a nice tool to have in the toolbox as a useful AE

Arcane Blast – I only met one guy who could even cast this consistently, his cast time was about 5-10 seconds, and the damage seemed totally not worth it. When you think about the situations that you’d want this for “AE down the whelps” it just doesn’t seem to fill its role properly.

Affliction – The spell itself filled a nice niche. I think the effect time needs to be longer (more like 20 seconds instead of 10) with maybe about the same amount of total damage (so less DPS, more sustain). That said i couldn’t really test it because i was so shitty at casting it, and the matching algorithm hated me

Decurse – Looks like a damage spell. Probably needs more rainbows. That said, I love the current animation, and a chain lightning spell would be freaking baller. Opportunity for a re purpose of assets?

Resurrect – This was functional, and about right. The final rune was a bit too forgiving. I hated that middle rune.

Cantrips – This is a great spell. It would be so cool if there was color variations by drawing the rune slightly differently (like moving the location of the center bottom line). I love the idea of purely cosmetic spells to amuse and please your friends.

Polymorph – Worked. Breaking it seemed buggy.

Pushback – Honestly seems pointless with the distance of the pushback, the difficulty of the cast, and the lack of damage. Maybe there’s a specific scenario where it shines. i think it would be a lot more interesting of a spell if it either 1. did a bit more damage or 2. floated the enemy back/held them in the air for 2-4 seconds. Like a force choke\push

mana shield - Did some testing against the spiders with Manders and I didn’t see it actually working as a shield. how much damage does it block? Would be nice to have a bubble or glow effect to show it working.

  1. Only zoned in here to duo a couple pulls. We got through the first pull pretty easily with sheep, the second pull seemed do-able with 2 co-ordinated people, but much harder with that dragon. I think you could trio the trash in here as long as you were smart and had heals, DPS and a tank.

  2. XP felt fast, and even faster in a group of 5. I liked the encouragement of running around in a large group. it’s good to have incentives for grouping. At 1/3 speed I think you’d be in pretty good shape for live (100% instead of 300% speed)

Thanks a ton for the hard work on this Riley and Co. I truly appreciate this. OrbusVR is easily the coolest VR project going right now, and totally worth the time and effort to engage with development. Keep up the fantastic work.

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Just wanted to say that although I don’t have time to respond to everyone point-by-point right now (since I’m busy coding!) I have read all of this feedback and it’s all great stuff! Thank you!