Dev Blog: Early Access Weekend Recap and Next Steps

We’ve got a new blog post out today talking about the Early Access Weekend experience and covering next steps going forward, check it out:



Oh thank god! The wrist thing when playing on rift was pretty weird ! You guys work fast :slight_smile: excited for the future of Orbus.

I´m one of the 10hours plus guys :slight_smile: xD

the average amount of player time is 4.5 hours, i have 54… my life is gone


mmmm, i got 36h … :frowning:

Runemage ready for the tournament !!!

Those are some nice news. You might also want to talk about the current state of warrior. My brother quit the game cause he couldn’t use warrior without workarounds regarding enemies stepping inside of him. This makes me really sad. I think all other classes are working pretty fine (okay, besides trap throwing as a ranger maybe (ㆀ˘・з・˘)) but warrior seems to have the most trouble right now due to buggy mechanics.


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