Dev Blog: Fishing Preview

We’ve put out a new blog post this evening previewing the new changes coming to the Fishing class in the next Alpha. Check it out if you get a chance:

In addition, we announced that the next Alpha test will begin on Friday, June 2nd at 12 PM (Noon) US Central Time and last for 35 hours.



This is my time. Im ready. (except for having to miss the entire first day… Yay graduation.)

Haha, I hope you enjoy it!

Also, the fish available to catch during this Alpha test will be:

Green Bellied Bass
Katyharan Catfish
Saddled Lion Eel
Dwarf Shark

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What can we do with the fish? Can we cook em and eat them to get back health?. Or is it gonna be like the plants ware we just collect them?

Quote from the blog post:
“but once we further refine things the number of parts your lures can contain will increase as your Fishing skill levels up”

That is the only indication about a level I found in the blog post. But what I want to know: Can we level up fishing in this alpha test?

Will the item slot for the Lure on the fishing pole be separated from the slots for the Musketeer orbs? During the last test, my first orb would appear in the lure slot whenever I equipped the fishing pole. (And since I’m sure that Rangers will be getting arrow slots, same would go with the arrow slots.)

So the fish are ingredients, like the plants. They are going to be heavily used in Alchemy. We’ve talked about adding in a Cooking Discipline as well, but right now it’s not slated to be in before launch.

I’ve thought about also including other things you could “find” while fishing besides fish, like maybe ancient pieces of lore tablets or something else like that, but we’ll see.

So basically for the purposes of this test, you can just catch them and hang onto them. Prior to this Alpha we will have to reset the Inventory one last time, but that’s the last time we should have to do that for the Alpha, so if you catch a bunch of fish this test, hold on to them and you’ll be able to use them in the Alchemy stuff we put out in a subsequent Alpha test.

I could make it to where you Fishing skill can level up just based on you catching fish, but there’s not really much of a point to it yet since we don’t have anything in the game yet that actually depends on your skill being higher. And although catching fish will be one way to level up your Fishing skill in the full game, a good chunk of that leveling will be provided by doing quests with the Fishing Master. So, right now I’m thinking I probably won’t actually enable leveling up Fishing until we actually have those quests and those mechanics in the game. But if you guys really want me to make it to where you can just level it up by catching fish for now I guess I can, haha.

So those are basically the “Class Slots”. They’re all the same slot in terms of how the equipment is tracked. So the behavior you’re seeing (if it still having an orb or arrow in it and you have to swap that out for a lure) will continue. However, we will hopefully be getting gear sets put in during the next test or two, at which point you’re a lot more likely to switch classes by switching gear sets than you are to swap out all of your gear individually anyway, and then your Fishing gear set would automatically swap out your orb for a lure.

But if you guys really want me to make it to where you can just level it up by catching fish for now I guess I can, haha.

Yes! It is something we really want! :slight_smile:

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yes to leveling! i will become the fisher who stands atop all other fishers!

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For the player, leveling with fishing is also an indication for yourself and others how much experience you have with fishing. (also gives me motivation :stuck_out_tongue:)

And for you as a developer, you can get the feedback from the players if the leveling goes too fast/slow. And maybe more unexpected feedback.

I understand now that a big part of the experience will be the quests. But I think that doesn’t exclude all tests on leveling with a non-combat discipline.

Plus, it would encourage thorough testing of the fishing mechanics… =D

Leveling is always fun :grin:

Can’t remember if this has been answered before: if I’m fishing somewhere and get attacked (by a mob or a bandit), what happens? Since we’re unable to change class equipment while in combat, will I be just like that fish dangling at the end of my line, hooked and helpless? :man_with_turban:


You are a sitting duck.

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0.o does that mean that you might need an escort if your fishing in the wilds? Bandits could be waiting for you to make a valuable catch and then gank you while your still a fisher.

I was thinking that this morning, anyone fishing in the wilds will be an easy kill.

I was wondering. When will we Be able to buy potions.
Soloing is super hard with nothing to heal us a reasonable amount of hp.
It would also be nice to have a little potion to chug in the middle of a fight to keep us going when the healer is so buisy helping the tanks out

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I’m so hyped for this game!! Just felt I needed to share that. :smiley:

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Until there is a blueprint for a .50 cal fishing lure. :slight_smile:

Yea, potions would be something they need to add for sure.

They are planning to add potion making with the alchemist discipline.