Dev Blog: Wilds and End Game Content

Latest blog post is up for your perusal:


WOOT cant wait to see whats new!

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Currently does the bandit timer go up infinitely if you kill people to protect yourself (as a bandit) or will it cap out similar to the way it works in The Division?


Currently it goes up infinitely but adding a cap seems like a wise move.


Awesome, thanks for the response! All the updates are making me too excited! Y’all just keep on doing amazing stuff.

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Just read through the notes! Looks absolutely awesome. I love the game design decisions and it all just looks like a blast :slight_smile:

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If I kill someone and become a bandit, can another person loot my kill and be a non-bandit after looting? Not sure how you have it set up, but it might make sense to have anyone that loots a non-bandit should turn bandit or have a timer before they can leave the zone. I’d hate to kill someone and someone takes my loot uses a speed potion and runs out of the zone so I can’t chase them.


So if my group is doing a level 7 shard dungeon, and doesn’t complete it in time, we need to go back to the mines and complete it, then complete a level 1 dungeon, a level 2 dungeon, level 3, 4, 5, 6, all in order to attempt 7 again?

Just a hypothetical, I know that it will be a long time before we’re near that far in.

Also, if dungeons are supposed to take ~20-30 minutes to complete, you’re talking about ~140-210 mins (2:20-3:30 hrs) to farm up another level7 shard.

Will we be able to scalp people in the wilds? You know…as proof that they were killed by someone.
Like if someone hated this guy named Bland and paid others to go kill him.

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Hmmm…yes, right now the loot bag is lootable by anyone. I’m not sure that I’d want to force to be a bandit for looting it…what if your friend is aiding you and between the two of you, you manage to kill a bandit; it would be nice if your friend could pick up your loot and bring it back to you. I’ll have to think about that one. Maybe there’s a special exception for people who are in your party, but picking up loot for anyone else causes you to become a bandit for a short time?

It might make sense to have the penalty be more like “-3 Levels” or something like that. I was thinking of people just getting to Level 3 or 4 and starting over, but you’re right that’s a lot of time to invest to go from 1 to 7. I do think it’s going to be a long time before people are consistently getting that high, though, so we’ll see what happens when we get to that point. It might be that by the time you are able to get to Level 7, doing Level 1 - 3 goes really fast or something.

No plans for something like that right at this exact moment. I believe Diablo did ears. That’s kind of gruesome for this game, haha. Maybe we can do like “Orrbain’s Signet” or something.


This game is becoming my constant obsession


“If you try to leave the Wilds before your bounty has expired, the guards waiting near the entrance will kill you on sight.” That is a cool mechanic. Also the idea of losing your shard when you die is also pretty interesting. Imagine trying the highest difficulty and failing, making you go all the way to the beginning…

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Yeah, my point was if the loot was from a non-bandit and you loot it, you would become attack-able for a short time, kind of like the early days of Ultima Online. That makes it so someone can’t stick by and loot your kill without being attacked unless you killed a bandit. Another option would be to give the people that attacked the person a 20 second window to grab the loot before anyone else. Just some ideas, I know it’s early and no one knows how this will play out.

Just to clarify, as it stands right now, I can party up with a healer and if I’m the only one attacking, I’ll be the only bandit?

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Right now I’m leaning towards making it so that if anyone in your party becomes a bandit by attacking someone else, everyone in the party becomes a bandit.

Even if we don’t end up doing that, right now it’s set up such that you can only heal a bandit if a) you yourself are a bandit, and b) you and that bandit are in a party together. So there would be no “loophole” where you could have a healer (in your party or not) who is nearby healing you while they themselves are not a bandit and can’t be attacked.


If I played ranger or warrior instead of mage, I would live a life of banditry. Sounds like a fun way to do PvP, with some extra benefits :wink:

so no count down this time?
Maybe you missed the new blogpost: