Dev boss as PVP game mode


Someone suggested this in another thread, and I think it needs its own… Now that the dev boss mechanics are in place, and the event is a great success, it would be nice to have this as a PVP event where players draw straws to be the boss, and the player that wins becomes the boss everyone else fights… Either a giant paladin or possibly their own class with limited abilities… Could have a leader board for most kills as boss, etc. whoever first suggested this had a great idea


I think he was using a modified giant potion to do it, we also asked him to host them during the game full release, but it could be a funny idea to have it as a rare monster drop or something for the potion. (but he may have also had his level boosted past 20-30 during but we don’t know due to not being able to see it) but I agree it would be a fun thing to have as a pvp option but also a main game option would be good to.


He was definitely without some class abilities, or just didn’t use them. His health was massive and damage probably nerfed so we stood a chance… Plus, he could summon adds… Speaking of which, a paladin summoning skellies is kinda blasphemy, no?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Either way, it was more than just a giant potion…

I wanna summon skellies, too!


that was from the modded cannons he had for summoning minions and purple balls as well as poison pools, the damage was about right for a scaild level and it was a modded giant pot because a mage removed it and we had to call off one of the events because of it, we watched him drink it.