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Quick Q: What are the controls for choosing the empowerment? The video looks like tossing the card up uses it, tossing a 2nd card up burns it, and putting it on your belt saves it. When you burn a card, how do you choose which empowerment you want?

Also: It says charge up a shot by holding the trigger for up to 3 shots. Does it expend 2 shots per charge? And how long do you need to hold down the trigger for?


You burn the card by pulling the trigger on the hand that holds the card, and which card you burn determines what the empowerment is (so two cards of each type of empowerment.) You can actually throw another card on top of the one you had up there to replace it, or burn a card to replace the empowerment if there was one already there.

It takes a few seconds to charge and does take 3 shots for the entire charge.


That’s awesome! Thanks for the reply


Which cards have which empowerment type?
Does Potency for Vines increase damage, duration, or both?
If you have a saved card and the deck is empty, does it reshuffle?
If it reshuffles, can you get doubles of the saved card?
Do saved cards keep between fights or do they reset?
Can you save more than 1 card at a time?


We’re still balancing some of that right now, so you’ll have to wait a bit to get a definitive answer on like what cards do what empowerments and all that. I will say on the Potency one currently it only buffs the duration or the damage but not both.

Yes as soon as you draw all 6 it shuffles, so you could in theory draw one from a “previous” deck and store it and then get a new deck. Including having doubles.

The cards are independent of any combat, so if you want to you could in theory before a fight draw a bunch of them to get it set up exactly how you want it.

You can only have 1 active (used) card pending, 1 empowerment, and 1 stored card. If you for example store another card then the other one goes away.


Great answers! Haven’t been this excited since warrior combos :stuck_out_tongue:
I won’t ask anymore questions


There can only be one Orbus Cowboy


so i could have sworn one of the devs said that it would be a melee dps.

Also Is there a reason there seems to be an aversion to melee dps in this game? usually melee dps are the most common, but here there are now 4-5 ranged dps classes and no melee dps.


Looks very promising, Good content.


I’ll see you at high noon! :cowboy_hat_face:


Unless some core mechanics were changed, melee dps would not work well in Orbus. Just at first glance they would block the attacks and sight of ranged characters, interfere with tank mechanics or be overly punished by them, and would crowd space around a mob (I’d rather not be trying to fight with several other melee on top of me, all flailing).


Just want add to this, while playing the beta, having a shaman/paladin in the group, because of them standing in close and dropping totems, they really blocked hits a lot, not sure if you ran the dungeon much with paladins and shamans in the group but as a ranger I had a lot of my hits blocked or spent more time moving around to get a clear shot than I should normally have to do

Doesn’t help that mob hitboxes seemed smaller than normal Orbus, totems blocked hits, walls and objects blocked hits and players had large hitboxes too… Hopefully some of this stuff will be addressed before the next beta or the full release


i mean… it wouldnt be hard to just make it so that allied players dont block attacks. it is annoying as-is with those ridiculous runemage hats taking up the whole room.


‘Show others whilst in PvE combat’ could essentially just switch off colliders also for player related ‘accessories’ such as totems. Maybe adding a tick box to ‘show other players models’ would make combat cleaner. It all really depends on if this is the direction the dev team want to go and if the game is coded in a way that allows them to switch off the collider system for a ‘group of tagged objects’.

EDIT: updated this thread so that it matches solving the problem of not being able to cast friendly spells on friendly targets.


The problem with turning off friendly hitboxes is that you will no longer be able to decurse, mage shield or even heal


Interesting but solvable problem. From my own knowledge, i know that unity has the ability to group objects with tags or layers out the box… Another option would be attaching a script to each instantiated game object which would be used to identify if the projectile is friendly or unfriendly. You could also have an id identifier to the type of spell and say that ids in the range of a->b are friendly where as ids in the range of c->d are unfriendly (a little cheaper on memory for something like projectiles). These could be some ways of solving that issue you mention.

In theoretical terms I am pretty sure it would be something like (for player unfriendly projectile to not hit other players in raid party):

if (unfriendlySpellCollidingWithId >= floorOfIdFriendlyRange && unfriendlySpellCollidingWithId <= ceilingOfIdFriendlyRange)
    Physics.IgnoreCollision(collision.collider, collider);

But it depends on what priority the development team would want to give something like this of course… If it even makes the KANBAN board…


all they would have to do is make damage attacks only hit enemies and beneficial attacks hit only allies (or both). it isnt hard programming-wise.

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