Dev Spotlight: Scoundrel Job, Auction House, and Honor Ranks!


Hey everyone, today we’re showing off the last class to be featured in the Reborn launch, the Scoundrel.
In addition, we’re finally bringing in an Auction House feature, that we’re really excited about. And finally we’re talking about some more PvP additions with the Honor system.

Check it out:

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WOW! Just when I thought I got away I find out I get to play my avatar!!! The Orbus Cowboy!


This looks pretty cool, excited to try the new class, auction house and honor ranks.

Honor rank questions:

How is it decided on how many honor points you get when you kill someone. It it based on their level, rank, etc?

Does a higher rank get you anything?

Is there anything in place to stop people from getting on an alt and having their friends killing the alt and switching back and forth to get honor points?


It’s based on the rank of the person you kill. There are diminishing returns for killing the same person multiple times in the week though to keep people from farming kills from friends and the like.

When you kill someone you see the icon for their rank. Having a better icon (so people know you are higher rank) and a title that you can unlock to show (e.g. “Champion Orrbain”) are the only current benefits, but ideally I’d eventually like to add transmog styles for this as well if we can (not sure how to “take it away” right now though if that makes sense once your rank drops).


In the future do you plan on adding a honor shop where you could buy rewards with honor when you reach a certain rank?


Honor Ranks
If you are in the top ranks and do not do any PvP the follow week, will your rank go down?
If you haven’t already, you should consider giving bonus points to players that never turn PvP off. The longer they have it on, the more bonus PvP points they can accumulate.

Auction House
Is the bidding for the auction house stalls going to remain the same?
How many items slots will non-stall owners be able to list in the auction house?
Now that there is a delivery chest in the player house, is there any plans to add a mailing system like WoW, where a player can send items and also send item COD?


Basically the current week is most important, there is some contribution from previous weeks but basically if you do nothing one week you are going to drop a lot.

The bidding for stalls will be changing to be more automated but I’ll have more info on that in the future. Right now I believe the limit is 12 items that anyone can list, and then you can get another 12 or 24 via stalls (so max 36). That’s subject to change based on testing.

We don’t currently have plans for a mailing system like that, but we do have some other things we might do with the chest in the future (like auto-deliver gear you don’t pick up above rare quality or something like that).

Right now there is no Honor Shop or anything like that but we may add it as we expand the system. Right now it’s basically bragging rights via the title/icons and the leaderboard.


I am just here to express my burst of excitement for the game from reading this blog post. Scoundrel looks like a really well made class.


Do you have a list of what can/cannot be sold on the auction house?

Will there be any auction house fees?


really nobody posted this meme yet?


Any tradable item is sellable on the AH. There is a listing fee and a the AH takes a small cut from successful auctions. All auctions are currently 48 hours.


Just to cover all bases, items listed on stalls and sold via AH don’t take AH cuts right?


Indeed, that’s another advantage of the stall.


Thanks!! Looking forward to trying it out!


Will money sold from the stalls go into the delivery box or will the dram be picked up by the stall like it is now?


I think the plan is to have it go to the stall. Essentially from the stall owner’s perspective I’d like there to be no difference between someone buying it at the stall or via the AH. But we haven’t actually fully implemented that part yet so that’s subject to change.


Will the dram cap go up in Reborn?


Yes, please raise the dram cap


I just want to say that the scoundrel sounds amazing and really thought through. I also love the rest and the shops! Keep up the good work!