Devotion Recruitment

Hey guys SirAndrew here,
I am the guild leader of Devotion a guild based on a all around gameplay, we are a guild that focuses on helping low levels and lowered geared individuals learn and gear up their classes, we also focus on all the other fun things this game has to offer such as World Boss Events, Potion brewing, fishing, dragon breeding etc… Now I will keep my requirements very short, all I wish for is active players who want to play the game and help other players, I honestly care a lot about this community and wish to see it grow and prosper, So you can join the discord for Devotion which is also feel free to DM me at Andrewman542#0001

Hope to see you in game or even on the discord


You can also post this in the Orbus Unofficial Discord if you message one of the moderators!

i did that before posting it here

oops, you’re right. Apologies. Good luck with recruitment :slight_smile: