Devotion World Boss Event Hosting

Devotion will be hosting a World Boss Event sunday march 28th and monday march 29th, does look like i will probably be needing some help from a few people who know what they are doing for it, i want to make it like 6pm est but give me ideas for times.


Im down. Should we choose a place to meet up??

I say the Tavern

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Sounds good.

A little last minute, but I’ll try and make it :slight_smile:

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Sounds good Would appreciate the help

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changed it to 9pm est

Welp, that takes me out of the equation :confused: I turn my PC off at 8est. I’m sorry :frowning:

Im gonna try to do 3pm EST on friday and saturday as well for more of the EU side

Was a good idea but kinda fell apart immediately. If this is done again we should probably break off into like 2 or three big groups and have a head person or leader of each group that rallys everyone together so everyone knows which shards/bosses to go to instead of smaller groups all going wherever. Hopefully we get it right next time.

Honestly it was a bit chaotic, but in my opinion it went very well, and was probably a good stress test for the devs lol

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