Devs can you please add bhaptics support

Hopefully the DEVS can add haptic vest and arms support from Bhaptics


As cool as that would be, With the small dev team size I wouldn’t bank on this becoming a feature. At least, not anytime soon with more pressing issues.


The Devs are doing an amazing job however having haptic feedback would increase the game’s popularity along with Bhaptics themselves advertising that the game would have Native Haptics (for free in their website and discord ) which would entice people to purchase this awesome game .

I appreciate the devs are under the pump and extremely busy However Bhaptics would help in this space to get the haptics happening.

It’s worth the Devs asking Bhaptics for help as it will only help the game progress and grow and give the Devs more funding.

Would you rather a player base only playing because of support for haptics or have people that actually enjoy the genre. Another thing is that not many people have haptic suits, and its just a hard market, even if they supported it i don’t believe it would be at their current interests.

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Hi Raven,

The suggestion is to ADD haptic feedback to help add immersion to this awesome game. We play in VR for the immersion so adding Hatpic feedback only increases the immersion. Their are a lot more people than you think that have haptic vest as they are not that expensive now, and their are a lot of DIY haptics out their.

Once you have used a haptic vest YES you look for games that support it as it increases the immersion so much which is why we all play in VR, I was about to get Zenith over Orbusvr because it has haptic feedback integrated but a friend wanted me to get this game which I’m glad I did, Bhaptics will help integrate the game with haptics and then advertise that Orbusvr has haptics which help draw other to this great game, by them buying the game because it has haltics only help the community as it brings new players and money to the game.

The overall question I raised was a suggestion to help the game continue and grow, or do you not want new players to enjoy this game as well


You dont need haptics to enjoy a game tho, especially one like orbus. Imagine tanking a 15 and your haptic vest is buzzing like your moms pink lightsaber. it would become more annoying than anything. Not to mention the character design.

No arms, No legs. Immersion will never be a strong suit of orbus. People play orbus for either the community or the content. if orbus did adapt haptics it would just be outdone by blade and sorcery, or vrchat.


I feel like people play because of this because there just isn’t good immersion but I think orbus could definitely benefit by stepping into that direction most people play vr for the immersion so it would up the player base

i’m with sloth here. let’s say you’re in b3 hm cit and you got a full party of people with vests. there’s gonna be this collective buzz and it’s gonna be annoying as hell. same with boss 1.

as cool as this is, it simply isn’t practical. this game has more bugs than an ant farm that still need fixing and the devs are trying to push out new content at the same time. i just don’t think they’ll have time for this.

I dont see any use in telling someones suggestion is pointless because you think personally it not going to work out.

Kinda sick of the not gonna happen mentality by now.

Encourage someones suggestion. and ask yourself if the change is really negatively affecting you, or just a minor thing? If it is really a problem you worry about then I understand speaking up.

And to address specifically the argument “dont want it because the devs have to spend their time on more important things” that is like a catch all for we dont want progress in a positive way and we not open for most new things. You think the devs dont prioritize and can think for themselves? These bug breaking things are always going to stay in one way or another. Please see if we can focus the community back towards more exiting and encouraging suggestions again on the forums. That would make everyone more happy.


It’s not even any of that, no one is trying to bring anyone’s idea down. It’s just opening a dialogue, sharing and comparing ideas. As for the

It’s nothing like that, it just seems like haptics like this would take away more than it adds to orbus. With all the damage overtime, the smashes, having multiple enemies on you, hell boss 4 hard mode haptics going off for 20 minutes. Not to mention the niche community of haptic users that play orbus. It would be damn sad to see the devs integrate something like this, just to see it become unused.


The whole suggestion was that it would be great and add to the immersion, you can have the haptics set to different pressures so you know what enemies are attacking that’s the whole point. If you have never used haptics it’s hard to explain just how much it really adds.
The community for haptics is larger than people think, but having haptics integrated is another reason to play those games, it won’t be wasted at all.
It was purely a suggestions which maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned it and just gone with Zenith

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