Dialog clicking issues: 'continue' text

Hello. For some reason I have a really hard time interacting with the purple ‘continue’ text during conversations with NPCs. I honestly just push every single button on my controller while touching it until something eventually works. What is the correct button to push? My friend said you just have to touch it but I pass my hand through it several times with nothing happening until finally something I’m doing progresses it.

Also, am I correct in assuming that text indicting your rewards form NPCs are a layer on top of the ‘continue’ text? For example, ‘200 dram’ etc yellow text.

if that is the case the potion quest from the guy outside highstep is super annoying as I had to wait for him to hand me like 9 items and then dram which scrolled super slow before I could even do anything with the continue text.

There are two ways to interact with the menus:

  1. Point your finger at the button and poke it (On the Vive, hold down the trigger button - it looks like it ISN’T pointing, but it works. I don’t know how Rift handles this.)
  2. Point the laser pointer at the button and pull the trigger (tap the trigger button on the hand you want to use to ‘activate’ that hand. A laser pointer should show up when you point that controller where you want to click. Then pull the trigger button again.)

However, there is a bug with some of the continue buttons. Try either of those actions about one “word height” below the text. Some of the ‘hit boxes’ for the continue button are not where the word continue is located. It’s a bug they are already tracking I believe.

… … … … … … <— Poke here


Thanks!! I’ll try this.

Devs - Am I correct in assuming any reward yellow text blocks the purple from being actionable or is that not the case?

Pull your hand back further. I had same issue I believe.

We’re aware of this issue and we’re looking into it to get that fixed. Thanks for reporting.

I’m on an oculus and the ‘beam’ is only ever showing for me if I point on “continue” from above, then move the hand back towards me (so my elbow moves up). That workaround was reliable though, the beam had a very small hitbox at the point KatVet showed, but once I got the angle it worked.

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