Did the world just end?

I feel like the world just ended. I CAN’T WAIT A WHOLE MONTH TO PLAY AGAIN!!!


But for real…


Ugh… Back to Rocket League I guess. I’ll come back and post my Beta feedback after my tears dry.

Yes, we were in that world until the apocalypse :cry:

Yup, it’s the end, now for the long wait. :persevere:

Did it just go blank or was there an apocalypse viewing that you lingerers got to experience?

That Feel when VR > RL

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I can’t cast spells in RL.


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Just kicked we with the message “connection close by remote host”

I am for real counting the days until the next beta

mark my words this game is going to become one of those things that sucks peoples lives away and destroys marriages. it’s that good, and that addicting.


Totally agree!

24d 16hrs 26m in the void!

I feel your struggles:sob:

Ha! No joke, I had 11 missed calls from my wife during the boss raid. She wasn’t too pleased. :laughing: