Different Styles of play within disciplines

Hi there,
I will play this game for sure when I get a vive sometime next spring and hope that this game is super successful with a huge population.
I’m really hoping though that by then we aren’t still pigeonholed into relatively specific ways to play each character.

I understand that each discipline has different abilities and combat tricks and that how well you use them along with how you distribute your stats. Maybe though in the future we could have classes within those disciplines that still use the same systems but are different in how they approach combat?

Within warrior you could have:

  • A two handed weapon (Like an axe or great sword) barbarian for a all in damage style
  • Someone dual wielding two swords playing a more technical attack speed
  • A tower shield user that is primarily focused on crowd control and general survivability

Musketeers could be changed more into a gunmanship role so things like pistols and shotguns rather than just rifles could be used.

The option to spec hard into certain forms of magic to gain more spells rather than just leveling a specific spell for more effectiveness would be awesome as well.

I like the idea of musketeer orbs but also want to be like this guy in the world of orbus.

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