Differnt guns for marksman

Can we get differnt cooler rifles for marksman :0 like ones that look differnt

Those sword skins looked amazing in the blog post. I can’t wait to see how cool they make our rifle and turret look!

i want something similar to what tf2 have going for them, like maybe being able to get items to hang off your gun, or lightning shots that shoot electricity. or bombs. maybe like a knife that does half the damage of a sword because i find your if they get in your face

The guns for the Musketeer have been completely re-modeled, and there are different ones for different tiers now.



This is awesome!

After everyone saw the warrior swords a lot of players were going to convert to warrior. I think we need to see all the other weapons so everyone is satisfied with their classes. . Yeah. . We need to see all the goodies!


Yeah not because i’m dying for the curiosity about bows, we just need to see all the goodies!

I promise they are all just as cool, haha.