Disappearing item crates

i was grinding hidden gardens with my friends today and i got a grinder chest with an item crate containing a harvester scythe. i don’t know what it is but i was extremely displeased when i tried opening it and nothing happened, i then tried opening it again and it disappeared. no harvester scythe. i have 3 empty pages, it wasn’t an issue of a full inventory. does the harvester scythe not exist physically so it just went away? is it common for item crates to disappear like that? please help.

try to move an item in your inventory that should normally fix it

That was probably the issue, but since he clicked it and tried to open it again, that deleted the item. (I have done it many times while opening regular reward caches)


If you don’t see it after restarting the game, PM me your character name and an approximate time of when you opened that crate and we’ll see what we can do and look it up.

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