Disconnected by host

I am getting a “disconnected by host please restart your game” dialog box every time i have logged in. Only get to play for about 1 minute or less until I am kicked out to the login screen. Still in the starting area. My wifi is very good and speedtest shows no latency or jitter issues. Playing on a msi dominator gt72vr with htc vive.

maybe your router is blocking a port that Orbus is using?
I got that message only once but I´ve seen that my ping was 300+ms so I thought that it was because of this

Hey there, if you’re still having this issue let us know and we will get some more details from you to help figure out what’s going on.

Good morning, yes just tried to play again and still getting the “disconnected by remote host please restart game to continue” popup. Just let me know what info you need and I will get it for you. Really looking forward to playing.

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Can you PM me the Output Log out of here?

(Steam Library Folder)/steamapps/common/OrbusVR/vrclient_Data/output_log.txt

(Just updating, this has been resolved.)