Discord for Stress Test

Hello Everyone. I think for this upcoming playtest we should have some form of communication especially if we are going to be able to activate the plant boss which I think would be a good goal for us players. I am setting up the discord as we speak I just wanted to get this post out sonner then later so people would start seeing it.

EDIT: The discord is up! Here is the invitation link.Hope to see some of you soon!

Great initiative, i have just one question. How do you guys set up your microphones? I have only the sound jack on the vive. Are you using bluetooth?

Please tell me, I would love to set it up before tonight

I have my whole headset that I just plug into my vive…

Are we certain there isn’t VoIP already integrated into Orbus?

Sadly no, that is why I have set up the discord.

There’s not yet. Sorry! That will come later.

Ok, so appeareantly the microphone in the vive is automaticly connected. Thank you ValvE :slight_smile:

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The vive headset jack allows a splitter. I have a headset that plugs both into a splitter and that into the headset