DLC and game expansion

All this DLC talk lately, makes me wonder.
When the game expands (taken from another post) will the DLC be included in the expansion?

I’m confused by the phrasing

I’m assuming by the dlc you mean the mini story pack, but right now there is no expansion planned I beleive.

And if there were to be an expansion to come out at some point the mini story pack would obviously not be a part of that as it is it’s on separate thing


I will find the section that talks about expansion and post it here…

About the DLC, no offense to the devs but i find it a bit suspect that in the current state the game is in, lacking a world filled with life, why are the making new content like this, and why is it behind a pay wall when theres so much missing from the game at large as is?


It’s not lacking life though…? This is probably the most content heavy VR game out there currently. It’s a complete game.


What do you feel is missing? We’ve got scaled dungeons, non-scaled dungeons, a raid, another raid coming soon, and multiple zones full of enemies and quests. You can fish, do alchemy, 8 very different classes, artificing, tinkering, etc.

I personally feel like the world is so empty and i dislike the fact you rarely have to leave highsteppe from 1 to 30, and certainly not after 30 save for the 2 dungeons in the world. I just wish there were more settlements that i could spend my time in besides highsteppe. Having everything localized is convenient but boring


Copy and paste quests, copy and paste mobs. Just wanted to say that.


What are you talking about… fun fact, I got all classes on 30 and leave HS every single day. I do events and according quests for my overlevel perks, I do nearly all weeklies for the same reason, I harvest different materials and ores for the potions I sell in my stall and for those we need for evenings, for the harder dungeon content. If I play at all, solo, I visit all the zones.
Dungeon time at evening is different, there we meet up in instances, just like in every mmo and running around in the real short time where we finally got groups, no thanks. Back to solo play, after 30 there’s also the grinder with it’s various rewards (which I don’t pursue, but others), the pvp goblin and the various rankings, if you’re into that, you can try perfecting dragon racing, fishing, go for achievements, hunt for rare dyes or overworld drops and what not.
All this happens in the Overworld, not in HS, HS is the place where I go when I need to dump stuff, craft or return quests, and that is it.

Also recently the (free) follow-up on the MSQ came out which made you run around lots, amongst other things to unlock the new dye vendor.
We got seasonal events every couple weeks, the current one is rather short, but you also gotta run all the zones to finish the spring quests. So are we playing a different game or…?
If you don’t like all these overworld activities that is another problem, but they are there.

The other thing is I can’t believe people are really complaining about 10 bucks for a DLC (even the crappiest hack n slash wants this or more on steam), for a game where some are spending 1-2k hours in … the price tag of the main game just got lowered by 50% now. There’s so many VR-Titles around for double that and their average playtime is 20-30h, perhaps 50, but almost never in the 100s or 1000s hours. Doing the maths Orbus has a value of over 2k Euro, for me :wink: , which I would’ve needed to spend on other games, for the same playtime. And I gladly pay those 10 bucks to see a bit more solo content, the thing is, no one really needs to, it’s entirely separate.

PS: Btw there are three “settlements” apart from HS already now, Rainforest, Hulthine’s Dock, Lamavora, with a couple interactible npcs - shard vendor, dye vendor, smithies. But just like Guild City in the OG - where there were even market stalls, the guild hall and what not! -, these are rather ghost towns. If you put a city, does not mean people are gathering there, because there’s not enough players to do so in the first place.
I don’t think the big player influx will come anytime soon, likely due to the medium. There’s not that many interested and able to play a VR MMO as it is for pc MMOs and the players I know also don’t play as long under a sweaty headset as on pc. And with such a small playerbase the smartest idea is having one hub, and only one, where there’s dungeon entrances, all vital npcs and daily/weekly questgivers, to make anyone meet there, at all.

PPS: As for the good ol, but naive demand “fix stuff then do new content” which I read on any game forum and also here now and then, it’s not how games work. There’s never a point where all bugs are fixed. And no new content means old players leave, you always need to do work on both things parallel.

After all of this, It wasn’t about not wanting to pay for the dlc. It’s about wanting to pay for game expansion instead and have dlc included.

there isnt an expansion

just the dlc, and if there ever will be an expansion, the dlc will not be in it

I still dont understand this thread


Because OP didn’t make much sense or rather got an obvious answer, likely that’s why discussion instantly shifted to talk about the DLC, along with critique on current state of the game in general (where the first one commenting about that should’ve best opened a new thread but too late, forum discipline is hard, at times, and a bit chaotic, just like in rl…).

Yes there is, I will find the link, haven’t had time yet. (The dev’s talked about it somewhere in one of these threads)

You probably just misinterpreted their wording.

The only expansion to ever happen was reborn

It’s a mini DLC that adds a few optional content to the game. People seem to forget that the DLC is a testing ground for new content and mechanics which will be implemented in the base game based on how the DLC goes

I’m paraphrasing here but “In the context of games, in general, DLC is smaller than Expansion.
An expansion would, for example, add a whole new continent with a new race and a whole other story. Quite often, an expansion will containt nearly as much content as the original game.
DLCs are usually smaller amount of content; a few new quests, one or two maps, a few more items, etc…”

Either way, they are planning on using parts of the DLC to enhance the base game (from the official announcement).

Speaking of expansions, I haven’t heard anything about a new expansion coming out soon.


Unless it was changed after I read it, I will find it. my memory is flawless

Well normally Orbus itself is the testing ground for everything, no dlc needed :rofl:

Granted, there WILL be expansions in the future, there WILL be a rise of levelcaps and all that was mentioned on forums also now and then (seems I also have a “flawless memory”… woohooo! :rofl:). But that’s pretty much a no-brainer, because it’s an online MMO we play and these are working like that, evolving and expanding regularly, or die out.
And as several stated, it’s also a no-brainer that the dlc isn’t included… it’s a dlc! :smiley: An optional, downloadable content which is never, per definition, included in the base game with all its updates, expansions etc.

And right, there’s no concrete announcement of future Expansions, which would also be odd if there was, since the last Expansion is not even a year old.

PS: Why am I posting in threads like these even…? Oh, the boredom, when sitting at home…


This is the only mention of an expansion I can find. All it says is it won’t likely be this year. No guarantee of when a new expansion will come out.