Do I have to buy orbus again?

I have orbus vr on my oculus I want to play with via oculus virtual desktop. Do I need to repurchase the game to play the same account I play on my oculus?

I BELIEVE you get rift and quest in the same purchase, so if you are going off your rift or quest via virtual desktop, you shouldn’t need to. However, if you are doing it via steam or another storefront, you will need to make a separate purchase.

If I were to buy the game on steam a second time, would I at least be able to transfer my account/characters? I noticed the quest 2 has a pretty high res compared to the Rift S, and have been looking at other VR solutions. The main reason I got the Rift S was it’s wired (no dying on me) and it doesn’t need me to mount a bunch of boxes around my apartment / take up all my USB slots lol.

Yes, just log in with the same orbus account

Same as the one I use for the forums and so on yea? Sweet.