Do you have to join a clan to do End Game?



Hi everyone,

I am a new level 20 Ranger and have enjoyed the game so far. Leveling was fun and you could normally find someone in the world to play with. Now that I am at end game content I am finding it hard to find people to run dungeons with. I applied to a clan but haven’t heard back. I am a casual player, and only play about 5 hours a week, most of which is on the weekends during my kids nap time or after they are asleep. It seems like most clans are looking for hardcore gamers with more time commitment.

It would be great if you could cue up for dungeons. Or does anyone know of a clan that accepts casual players?




You are asking for the people in the fellowship to be always online for dungeons at the time that you are online but you yourself are almost never online. This is only going to work if you find a fellowship with ppl who play all around the same time. So, to help you further here, on what exact time are you online in the weekend? You mentioned when the kids are asleep, but no one knows in what timeline you life and around what time the kids are asleep.


A fellowship definitely makes it easier to find a group, but it’s not required. If you haven’t tried yet you can join the unofficial community discord to find players to group with or use the in-game Group Finder


Thanks for the reply Scott. I am looking for a group that plays from 8 PM to 9 PM EST most days and then 8 PM to 10 PM on Fridays and Saturdays.


Well, if you are looking for a fellowship to belong to, I do accept more minions, casual Fellowship, none of us is 20 yet, and most are online irregular times. :grin:

Basicly, cant help out with dungeons, but if ya need a home, you are welcome.

Caine, Master of ”The Hollows”


Start using the unofficial community discord. A lot of fellowships recruit there. I’m at endgame but still consider myself a casual player. I ended up getting invited to a guild I was playing with a lot. Most of the fellowships in-game are also pretty cool about picking up PUGers or people from other guilds especially if you’re known to them.

Also, just keep checking lfg everytime you log in. If you’re not fully geared yet, try to get in on a few tradu runs. If you have some gear from a couple of basic shard dungeons, start applying to shard dungeon lfgs. The endgame community is growing but still small so you’ll get to know people pretty quick.


I too run into this problem. My hours are 8am-noon PST week days or 10pm-3am weekends. So I feel your pain. But despite the fellowship issue, I do find groups occasionally and they do dungeons… so its possible.

They are adding a queue system shortly so that should help the group finding a bit. But for now its the discord.


The Super Friends are a big group of dedicated chill players, we play nightly from about 6 PDT, and have several players who are on looking for trouble earlier in the day.

Groups of like-minded players are critical to enjoying the game since so much coordination and teamwork is required for success in harder content.