Does anyone have a list of all the items I can get from a treasure map dlc and overworld

Pretty much title, and thanks in advance.

I don’t have a list but here is a shot at it.
Dreadfang major dye
Spiderling accent dye
Runemage reagent
Rotten fingers
Major shards
Mimic head
Mimic pet.

Bracers of level 2
Mimic shoulders
Mimic chest
Mimic cape
Major shard
Rotten fingers
Runemage reagent
Hot air ballon pet
Glider mount


Thank you so much.

I think there is the mimic mount in the dlc chest too

No mimic mount. Unless you mean the glider.

theres a mimic mount tho

Is it from the treasure map? It must be, because I have done every side quest and main quest for the dlc and haven’t gotten a mimic mount.

I don’t remember a mimic mount?

it exists I swear im not crazy

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