Does Artificing actually work?

I Know it happens in your basement, however there isn’t any tutorial or way to learn other than blindly. Does it actually work as of yet or is how you do it just hidden? @Robert
You don’t have to give away your secrets but as a show of hands does anyone actually know how to do artificing?

Yes it works. I’ve had several sets made that all function

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Sending a non spoiler pm to you Love!

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Yes it does, but unlike Alchemy which is more by the book, certain recipe gets you certain results, Runesmithing is meant to be more free form and give you more options on how you want to use it, the recipes to make each tile set are found through out the world (so you don’t have to guess randomly how to make each tile), and you acquire the first recipe and the potion recipe during questing (about lvl 10). But there is no tutorial of any kind along with it, its meant to be more trial and error, and it gives players more room to prove that they are proficient at it. You will be able to tell someone who has been studying Runesmithing and is good at making tile sets VS someone who just slapped some together and is trying to sell it to you.


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