Dont know if this is a bug

I’m using vive slid locomotion on the controller pad where i slide my thumb across the trackpad. Sometimes it doesnt stop sliding like something is pulling me to the left. My controller seems to work fine. Anyone else have this issue.

You might be activating the auto run by hitting the grip button. Try hitting the grip button again with this happens and see if it disengages.

Woul it be possible to add an option to disable auto-run? I find it really confusing and annoying… and a lot of people in my recent parties too. Could you maybe add this to your todo list?

This happened to me a lot until i found out that grip auto run is a thing. lol! it can be frustrating while trying to talk to an npc or move to a particular location and you overshoot :stuck_out_tongue: sometimes i just hit the grip buttons because the shape of the vive controller lol it happens by accident at times

I’ve added this to our system as a possible future improvement.

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