Doomed wands / Swords

Imagine you have a powerful and complex wand… with a drawback. Every time you draw a circle it hits you inflicting damage to your character. Or a sword that can not point the floor because it drops your hand. Could be a nice way to balance some other improvements with some flaws.

Cursed items are a classic in D&D.

I would totally love that, but the integration in the gameplay and the balancing of power might be very tricky.

What about something like a high level weapon that applies a penalty until it’s used in a certain way, like you’ve earned the right to wield it.

Obviously we’re talking much further down the line in sense of game development but what if Riley and Co could have a weapon that just like @Ignacio_B outlines; does damage to you if used in a certain way, but after x amount of uses or 1 hour game-play use, it’s curse is reversed and the same effect gives you a boon to outgoing damage instead.

Swords and Wands definitely being the main trope that would feel right for weapons of this nature.