Dose anybody else have this problem?

So this only applies to the quest/quest 2 users but under experimental setting on quest you can have multiple accounts and all games that cost money get shared between accounts but for some reason OrbusVR is only on the main account I’ve had this game for a few months idk why i dint ask sooner but this is a huge inconvenience so please tell me if this can be fixed and i know that this is probably and oculus problem but I’m still making sure bc I’m pretty sure they fixed it with a lot of other games

I think you are talking about the family sharing feature (so you have a main account and subaccounts). Not all games are shareable, many are not. Orbus is not a shareable game, Fit XR is another game that is not shareable (I’m told Population One is also not shareable).


Tabs is right, not all games are shareable. You will have to buy a second copy of Orbus if you want to play it on the secondary account.

oh that’s sadly what i thought thx

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