Dovregubben boss in Abandoned Mine dungeon

My friends and I have been playing Orbus for about a year now, and it’s been amazing to be inside an MMO. One of our favorite things has been figuring out the boss fights in the dungeons. Sometimes, we’d get a little stuck and eventually look online for tips. But, we couldn’t find any videos or articles for these particular fights. And so, I made a guide for the Dovregubben boss fight to assist other players who are looking for help. :slight_smile:


Excellent work on the guide and thanks for posting! It’s great to hear you’ve all been enjoying the game and congratulations on defeating Dovregubben!

Also, the “moar dots” reference at the end made me chuckle. Thanks for that.

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What I would give to be able to figure out mechanics on bosses like this again :slight_smile:

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Well we hopefully get new 5 man (or, if it was for me, even smaller groups…) content at some point…

Yeah, I’d love to see the dungeon content scale based on the number of players in the party, because usually, it’s just 2-3 of us playing together at a time.


LOL, thank you! :smiley: Looking forward to many whelps to come! :slight_smile:

I remember trying to do dovregubben in old game
While it was a lot of fun, it was so funny lol

Now try and guess where the sewer slime goes that thing literally says I’m going to attack this person, oh another person, oh another, another, wait I just summarized this boss :laughing:. When you have a healer in the back for some reason the healer gets targeted when the boss is 2 feet away but when a tank is 2 feet away they get ignored, and dps is like a red shirt to a bull the moment you show up your targeted.