DPS logs on Oculus Quest

Is it theoretically possible to get combat logs on the Quest? I am happy to try and learn more to figure it out, but if devs have turned it off for Quest, I would rather know sooner than later.

I’m running different logcat commands in adb to get logs but haven’t seen anything Combat or loot related. I wanted to double check and see if this is even possible or if for the Quest, combat logs are not written.


Not sure but as an alternative, players near you can run combat parsers and tell you your numbers.

This explains why nobody wants to do dungeon shards with me. LoL. J/k.

Pretty sure it’s disabled for the quest.

Seconded! Would love a log to parse post session. Especially if it was an option players had to enable, so they’d know they’re spending some storage for damage logs.

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Maybe on the quest 2?

I’d definitely be fine even with it being an adb command or something that needs to run to start it.

Dummies could also just display how much damage they’ve taken over their head / over the last minute since starting combat. Exiting combat resets the DPS.

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Except their game philosophy does not want people excluded for their dps (or lack thereof). I’d love the idea otherwise.

Yeah, this is definitely more for personal improvement. It feels weird when others can see your numbers and if you run with them often enough know if you’re improving or not but you don’t.


There are maybe only a number of players countable on one hand that will exclude players because of their DPS, and that is today without in-game dps measuring. They can already look at the logfiles.

An in game way to measure DPS would allow a player to improve and chase higher DPS, adding to their dedication / time spent in the game and their class while having an overall positive impact even for those toxic few. Mages can easily track their progress simply on the number of spells they can produce (although even we need DPS logs at the end of the day). Plus it would be a huge convenience. The dev’s would not even need to keep track of a “DPS Log” with this dummy concept, just track damage taken over time, so the implementation is much simpler than parsing their weird logs.

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