DPS Musketeer for Reborn?



right now the talents of the musketeer do not give the player much choices, there is basically only one way to choose the talents.

What I personally would love to see is a way to spec into healer or dps. The musketeers way to make damage is by far my most favorite and it would be awesome if the player has a way to be a full dps on the level of a ranger or mage. Reborn would be the perfect time to rethink the talents so I thought I put that thought here on the forums for discussion.

A possible solution would be to choose at level 5 if you want to heal or dps. choosing dps would replace support orbs with damage orbs and buff your damage by a good amount.


I would love to see that, especially because farming and leveling is so boring with the musky, with T12 gear and double poison it still takes lots of time bringing only 1 boar or warg down… same in reborn, even tank classes like the pala are much faster.

Plans for older classes

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