Dps utility disparity


Can we get better/more utility for rangers, shamans and scoundrels? When playing in a party without a mage it feels 10x harder without all of its utility it brings.

Utility differences in DPS classes.
Mage has: polymorph, mana shield, decurse, slows/strong slows (frost), dmg boost (10% over average 5% musk and bard give), push back, light creation, fireworks, on demand stun.

Ranger has: 8sec cd stun, 1 min cd ranger trap that stuns but is easily broken/doesn’t work if mob has a DoT effect, charged shot hunters mark increases all dps(5%? could be wrong), darkness arrow?

Shaman: hard to aim frogmorph (10sec totem cd?), strong stuns from stun totem, shield totem (haven’t used so not sure how good).

Scoundrel: on demand stun, slow card? weakness card? (that’s it? correct me if I’m wrong I don’t play the class).

The issue is mage seems to have everything the other classes have but is the best at it so adding more to the other classes or buffing there utilities would help bring everyone to a even playing field without having to always seek at least 1 mage for a smoother shard/raid experience.


To hopefully put the point across in a better way
if we go through it:

  • Polymorph:
    • Capable: Ranger, Mage, Shaman
    • Best: Mage because of ease of use and aim
  • Decurse:
    • Capable: Mage, Musky
    • Best: Mage because no CD (dps better at a healing thing)
  • Frost:
    • Capable: Mage, Ranger, Scoundrel
    • Best: Mage, 100% gets even if he doesn’t want to proc tiles, Ranger would lose its ability to stun for a 1.5 sec 9 sec cd worse potency slow (from talent switch), Scoundrel is RNG so unreliable
  • Shield:
    • Capable: Mage, Shaman, Musky
    • Best: Musky
  • DPS Boost:
    • Capable: Just about all classes so keep it at dps
    • Best: Mage because higher %
  • Stuns:
    • Capable: Just about all classes so keep it at dps
    • Best: Idk but its definitely not ranger
  • push back, light creation, fireworks:
    • There is not even any other class that’s able to do it
      So as u can see Mage is on all of those lists while being the best at nearly all of them
      Without any restrictions that they would have to change anything about their playstyle while a shaman for example has to give up a totem for the frog.

for stun its bard, frankly the other DPS need a boost in genaral a mid ability mage can out damage a high ability of any other class because it just wright B or D faster, maby throw an F up or affliction 2 but thats it.
The other dps don’t even get to guide where there rounds go,
Rangers need range so if something moves the shots miss,
The scoundrel needs both range and to curve bullets for it to be useful but the tilesets for it are a pain in the ass to prok,
Shaman need to get close (or thats what they keep saying) but with them braking so much it is a pain but may be the easiest dps (due to it being find rotation and wave at the enamey) unless its sewers, but the down side to it is you need to move around in some fights so it becomes a get to the location then set totems and then move again then set totems.

a lot of the mages clam that its the most difficult due to the spells poofing so much and the spells have to be cast with ought the player moving but each class has its own difficulty.

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The stunning seems to be good balanced between the dps classes. Only ranger is inconvenient.

  • The shaman has the advantage of not even having to think about stunning and doing it very often too.
  • scoundrel can do it a bit faster then shaman and from a distance, but if you not charging ATM it wants to then you still taking some time before you can fire your stun shot. Still as slow as shaman though which will be on time.
  • mage has the addition of pushing a mob back and can do the most stuns per second. So the pushing back can be used as an upside but also has the downside to bring everyone else dps down (of-course lol, not its own dps down by a lot too haha). Then we have the travel time disadvantage which is only a problem if you don’t know the timing. So mage has more stun power but is trickyer and more annoying for the surrounding players. So we can say they are about as good as the other two dps stunners.

With a 1 second charge time


don’t forget teleport and resurrect (valuable time saver), unless you’re talking just in combat utility.

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Imo, I’d say it’s best to do in combat only, since I know some people that main other classes but switch to mage outside of combat for res and teleport, then just switch back after.


mage can only res out of combat, (including if party is in combat and not you, you still won’t be able to res). combat rez is really good from musky imo


Oh yeah! Good point, like others say its technically not an in combat thing but resurrection is super useful. I get why other classes don’t have it as its an out of combat thing that you can just switch to and likewise with teleporting.

Would be nice to have more out of combat things to other classes as well - not necessarily useful things but fun firework type things to play around with whilst waiting around.


Change that to 14%. We forgot shared streak talent :sweat_smile: (Or rather ~13% if you substract the 4% loss of that single mage damage not selecting selfish streak instead)