Dps warrior is utter garbage

it’s a meme at this point. good god please make it actually do more damage than the b a r d
edit: I usually think of damage warrior as “sub-par dps, but backup tank”, but it seems that the damage on the warrior (assuming you picked all the damage based talents) is not even worth it, like, ever

Probably because it’s not meant to deal much damage. It’s not a dps class lol


Exactly, it’s only meant to hold agro while the dps do their jobs…

I think the confusion comes from the fact that there is a “DPS” branch to the warrior talent tree, implying that it can be used for DPS. Maybe something needs to be done about the talent tree to help improve the confusion?

That side is to help with soloing. Definitely could use either a boost to make it group viable, or some role clarification

There’s a “dps” branch for the healers also :slight_smile: . Leveling both, the healer and warrior is well possible, we did that in the OG, just by killing mobs without the fancy-fast-lanes via quests. However, this is an MMO, there’s tanks, healers, dps and I don’t really expect me being a high dps if I choose a tank-class … the main problem is likely information, I would really make that more clear when choosing a class already, the explanations are cryptic as well as the tags. “Support” for example seems to be also misleading for many; often enough I saw low level muskys queueing for dps, shooting mobs in dungeons…

I thought it was pretty clear when grabbing weapons and the choices are Support, Damage, and Tank.


Until Orbus, I had not played an MMORPG as a ‘social’ game - I’d only ever played solo. I honestly didn’t know what those meant when I first started playing and likely would have dismissed the descriptions there myself. Maybe listing them with brief descriptions could help?

  • Healer - high healing, moderate/low damage potential
  • Tank - low damage potential, high aggro retention
  • DPS - high damage potential

I don’t think it helps that I’ve heard of some games where truly any class can do any of the three combat types, depending on how they’re played (not sure about the execution of this idea though). So some people likely dismiss the groupings because “they can do it anyway”.


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