Dragon Racing Leaderboards

Greetings, fellow Orbians

I know that idea might sound really disturbing to some players here. Actually, I was wondering if I should really bring this to the community.

Here’s the thing: I think it would be good for the game if the Dragon Racing Leaderboards were not permanent. Yep, I’d be one of the harmed players by this update, as I have my name in one of them.

And yes, I have reasons for coming up with that idea. The main one is that it would persuade more people to play DRs more often, as everyone would have more chances to make to the leaderboard. Second, that would take off some names that got there only because of glitches (yep, The Beginning but not only that one) and it would make it feel more fair-like.

Now for how often it should update: I consider that names can’t stay for too short, as it would not be too motivating. So, maybe one or two months sound like a good time.

An alternative to that is having two side-by-side leaderboards: one that updates, and the other one being the all-time one we all know. This doesn’t seem very likely to me, but well… alternatives.

Finally, prizes. Who doesn’t love to be rewarded for their successful efforts? So, the crazy idea I had for that (me and my crazy ideas, mwa ha haa) is that anyone making to DR leaderboards would have their dragon shiny, as the body lantern or the guiding light. Please only dragons - after all, they are the ones that put players on the leaderboard.

I’d be delighted to know what you guys think about that. What you think about the time suggested? Or about the whole idea? Any different ideas for the DR leaderboards? Any different ideas for rewards?


Totally agree. Would be nice to have them seasonal. Motivation is what keeps people playing.

Still disappointed they couldn’t figure out how to do a long term mission for dragon racing…or even have your own best time recorded like your fish weights.


I still think they could do something along the lines of “complete ___ dragon races in Hulthine’s.” Similar to the long-term public event missions.


I don’t know why not either- it doesn’t make sense. But we were told they tried it and couldn’t make it work.

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I thought so much about alternatives for long-term missions for Dragon Races, being that one of them for sure.

Other ideas could be
“Spend ___ minutes in Races”
“Pass through ___ turbos and ___ yellow checkpoints”

I don’t think there is a DB that counts that data in game, though. Those would still be alternatives to think about in the future =)

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