Dragon scholar Highsteppe

What does Dragon scholar in underground Highsteppe do? I tried to wave, but got no respond.

I was wondering, if im bugged and you can change your dragons trait with him. I just breed plunderer dragon. Is there any way to change your dragons trait or pre-determine it before breeding?

Hi, the Dragon Scholar I believe is just part of a lore quest. To change the traits you can feed them bonus pet treats to reroll the trait on them.

You can change your pet’s trait but I don’t know why you would want to considering plunderer is the best when comparing to jumper and gatherer.

Thanks. I didnt know what other traits were. I was just curious, if there were any better.

I guess that gatherer gather herbs, but what does jumper do?

Dragon Trait Spoilers
  • Plunderer picks up loot bags enemies drop for you. Really good for classes like ranger who had to put away their weapon and arrow in old orbus to grab a bag. Then us lazy mages adopted them as well. Soon a plunderer was the most used. Use a plunderer!
  • Gatherer has to basically walk over herbs to collect them, at that point you can just use your harvesting tool, its good if your feeling lazy but you should use plunderer over it in most situations unless your farming mats and even then its barely worth it due to the harvesting device being simpler. Just use a plunderer if you are killing mobs.
  • Jumper has a single use and it is not even a good one; it allows you to get back to highsteppe quicker if a pvp player is camping you out at a graveyard from your death if you have pvp on. If you try to leave the graveyard they will kill you so you have to invis pot out (by getting a non pvp friend to trade you one as you have lost all of your tradeable items unless it was on your belt) or use your teleportation device. It reduces the time on your cookie (teleportation device) This sounds good but its only like 5 minutes. Reagents are so much easier to get that it is preferred by many to just memorize the Highsteppe teleport and make a portal. All in all Jumper is useless except to wait a few less minutes to escape being camped. At that point if you were being camped you would log out and ether wait till they loose intrest or wait for your cookie to come back and just teleport home. Jumper is useless so reroll it into at least a gatherer but preferably make it a plunderer.

Thanks again. Just got back to Orbus and feeling bit lost with all new stuff. Enjoying it tho.

Speaking of these lore quests… Every lore quest I’ve had that asked to talk to Dragon Scholar (or that I needed to talk to him for) also had the icons show up on the dragon store across from him. Seems like a bug?

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