Dragon training mechanic

remove special dragon treats; refund all players
remove dragon traits from breeding
pets can have all 3 traits
players must train their pets to obtain traits
ex: plunderer. point finger at a lootbag with new point feature. pet has a chance based on training to go pick it up. player feeds pet treat to reward it after the pet loots the item, this increases its plunderer level.
At max plunderer level, it has 100% chance to pick up items without you pointing (ie, how it works now).
same concept for gatherer, you come up with jumper.
players can form pet training quests/contracts with eachother. a player can train another players pet and upon completion of contract the pet is returned and the trainer receives the dram in the contract. contracts expire and cant be traded, they act like pet slots. destroying the contract returns the pet.
contracts absorb the pet in question into the item itself

why? traits will become valuable, contracts can be sold on ah, and obtaining traits will be an interesting mechanic.

I dont know if i like the “chance to pick up”
Having a auto pickup feature was a huge lift for me in game, especially as it can pick up lootbags even if they drop of the map.

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When it’s fully trained, it has 100% chance to pick up automatically. I’ll clarify the post.

Seeing how buggy orbus is, I won’t be able to know if it was the chance to not pick it up or if it’s just broken

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