Dragon treat alchemy


I suggest we have a recipe to create say… 5 dragon treats.

2 small tongues
1 blue moon spore
1 Chytrilealtro flower

Reason why isn’t bc treats are expensive but rather I have limited space and I can use my items (as intended) to alleviate chest space.

Perhaps other recipes can be included to make those ‘special trait treats’ and aging the treats would yield a greater chance to do whatever that particular treat is intended to do such as; (chance to carry 1st parents secondary trait 15%, aged 25%)

Just thought it’d be a way to start cycling through items and adding depth to the dragons…?


I think this would be a very nice addition to the dragon/crafting system and a decent use for blue moon spore :laughing:


You are using 4 items to make 5 items ! You will lose space ! :open_mouth:

Except if you treat you dragon like a king of course. Don’t forget to take him on walks after all this food.


I really like this idea,

I would love more uses for alchemy with simple ingredients to help clear up space, and adding alchemy as a class that you can level up in would be neat too!


I wouldn’t have mentioned it prior to the updates. Reason why is the sprint says you will have to keep your dragon happy to maintain the status buff, therefore you will need more than just the 2 treats to breed. I expect the need for treats will be higher and therefore I’m suggesting a way to make treats.


What a great idea! Brilliant.


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