Dram not increasing

I have 10 dram and keep collection money bags but my dram is not increasing it always stays at 10 is that normal

Money bags? The bags that drop from monsters show you the items they have when picked up and those don’t have money. You get dram from completing quests and selling items.

i never se the items in the bags i just put them behind my head

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What NPCs buy our items @Luvstosmooch ?

@Rev_K None. Only Merchants can use market stalls to sell items to other players for dram (money). Only people who paid the kickstarter merchant are able to do this now. But in the (not so far) future the devs will add an option to buy a market stall or something like that. They are still making up how they are going to do it exactly as far as I know.

However, you can destroy your items when they are selected and those have a change of becoming a ‘Minor Shard’. And than you can sell those shards to the repair NPC’s (with anvil logo) in return for some dram. As I am typing this I realize this is actually what you want (items for dram/money) -.-

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The same apprentice smith Scott is talking about will buy crafting ingredients such as Lure Parts, and Harvestables like Queens ears, Reedflute, etc

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Appreciate the tips. :+1:

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