Dreaming Out Loud


I hesitated quite a while before posting this. I don’t want to come across as inflammatory or negative, but tossing out my incomplete ideas that are a hopeful wish. What are the chances OG and Reborn could be combined? If funding is a concern, could we have another kickstarter or other way to donate, and if it meets whatever funding goal, could this be feasible? I know it would likely be expensive and time consuming, but… dreaming out loud. Also, what I propose below is a very rough idea full of holes, problems, and other obstacles, but a “first draft brainstorm” of some way to combine the two and keep the first story line / other aspects and experiences of OG.

Re-create OG with the new art style. New player spawns in tutorial with Guardian Bart at the top of Highsteppe and that redtail (still called one and inspired by the original) in the gate, and Bart offers advice for whatever we have equipped (All 8 classes allowed since we pick one at start, but he’s scathing about some, threatens to turn magic people in? Or magical still needs to be unlocked by Tinny, both runemage and shaman? Beginner Weapons NPC up there with Bart to choose between them then?) and Highsteppe is mostly just as it was before OG closure, but re-created closely/ inspired by, while still having Reborn Highsteppe stuff (Fellowship Court, two levels [three counting up to Guardian Bart area], but no omfg gate fence perimeter? I’d be okay with largely keeping current Highsteppe set up and including Bart and some of the other old NPCs, recreated. Would Highsteppe already have the super tree? :thinking:). Still the flying and boardable airship. Cenn’s Farm and sunflowers. Still go down the stairs/ramp to the fishing hut, however its new design may look, with Ernest there. Still Tinny’s cave, and up stairs/ramp/slope to Green Lady Forest with giant spiders and a bandit camp, and up more stairs/ramp/slope with even tougher mobs and a complete Green Lady Temple. Maybe things look a little different, or distances shortened some, maybe a slightly different architecture, still reimagined and recreated to the best of ability with things being as Quest friendly as possible (and significant difference between graphics settings. Low Lamavora being closer to now with sparseness, Ultra Lamavora being ermagerd all da swooshy flowers like before) with ultimate design still focusing Highsteppe as game’s center. Otherwise, majority of terrain still mostly the same, especially location and layout, but re-done and maybe a little different with however “combining” works best. Original questline still there. The towns, the places, sand in the air in desert (at least on Ultra / not seen on Quest), Lucian, how they connect, Lakewood Inn (we need to be able to stack things :heart:), all of it. Maybe some condensed a bit, maybe a style updated or moved a little (Lakewood Inn closer to Highsteppe? maybe within or right outside? Or something similar within Highsteppe and Lakewood Inn itself still a bit away?), but still there. All of it. (Wilds up for debate, but I miss them too. Maybe maintain Wilds, but PvP still like Reborn? Or despite world PvP status, Wilds are Wilds mostly like before? Wilds having aberrations, a higher concentration of materials that may not be fully unique to it, but still unique drops?) With Highsteppe being the focused center, probably remove buying player houses elsewhere - teleport pillars pretty much have that covered. Even with first version, maybe incorporate dragon races into terrain, critter capture, NPCs in Highsteppe for those activities. Definitely have the dungeon queues.
At the end of OG questline, and with that final cut scene :fearful: we appear outside of Highsteppe (which is a fortress now?!?! And that giant tree! - however visual distinction may work best if at all. First Highsteppe has fence and doors, now higher more fortified looking fence?) in some new graveyard (or was there before) and there’s Randel, and we find out it’s been 20 years?!?! The towns from before were wiped off the map or in shambles. Quest to rebuild the outposts, rebuild our old towns. Lore quests in place with those new NPCs as they are now. New areas / things built into the original terrain if they can be or added on. (Do we really wanna destroy and sink Old Kingsport?)

The biggest wrench thrown into this dream I see is everyone still playing together even if we’re 20 years apart, and terrain differences with obstacles (Wagon Graveyard suddenly appearing between The Twins and Wenderwood, or maybe they could replace the stone henge stuff of the Burning Forest? But should Reborn lose the Burning Forest? Would bodies of water have to move?) And how to handle Guild City before vs after…
Hhhhrrrrrrrmmmmmm… anyway, just some way to shove everything together as much as possible, even though nothing will be exactly as before. It’s really a shame to completely lose the original world, to completely lose the original questline and just have some references to it. I’m confident zones will be diversified further with more time, but how can we lose that place with all the doors in the desert? The dinosaur skeleton?
Or should Reborn’s current layout mostly remain as is, but try to incorporate Lakewood Inn somewhere, tack on the desert and other missing zones later, re-incorporate new versions of the old mobs (with no new special AI)?

Going through the translation makes me miss OG even more. Dreaming of having both, or as much as we feasibly can from before, somehow on top of all the great new things. Even if it’s an expansion a few years from now.


What about having a Time-portal somewhere that will let people see/experience the old world?

Probably will have to update a few models to get away from the Unity ones (I dunno? Is it a legal requirement?) But it could be a fun and interesting experience for people, with relatively little needed as far as adjustments go.

Edit: don’t even do away with the big red blocky attacks.


Alternatively, this could be a periodic ‘event’ that opens up for a few days a month or something. I think it would be better as a full time thing

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I think if we ever do get OG Orbus a time portal would be great where we could sort of instance in to the old world. Some dialog would need to change since you would now both be future and past you and could get confusing in old quest lines. A perfect combination would be redone quests that combined going back into the past through the rift to affect the future/present in some way.

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I think this would be really cool, but a lot harder to do and may involve some effort. I’d rather the quick release of our OG in a playable state than wait several months for content to be slightly modified

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I would love to see it but I will NOT do faction hero ever again. I helped too many through it already.


The 20 year time gap does add to the overall co fusion of merging old and new orbus… and at this point it is likely to late to go back outside of a time portal. Since all of old orbus was on the old engine though that is likely the biggest wrench from a development standpoint.

I do greatly agree though while reborn has some flashy features I literally have no motivation to login and play it… not like I did with original orbus… I’ve only logged in twice since reborn and that was partially because of real life constraints and partially because while I’m fairly nostalgic to gaming and like things a certain way… old orbus had the way right… just needed more content with it… i remember when reborn was still fairly fresh someone made the comment that it was more of a carnival now with all the attractions in town and no real reason to explore a living world. I can’t say I have logged in recently with updates of newer quests so I dont know the work that was put forth… but that description of the before and after has stuck with me and I couldn’t agree more.

At the same time if reborn has a larger steady population maybe it’s just the core population from original that is still nostalgic for what was and all the new players see the current model in the way we see the old.

I am in great understanding a developer can never make everyone happy with a game so I do sympathize that. I also have seen many many games in the past that have dug their grave from dramatic change taking things away. I’m not saying on the overall this game is digging its grave especially if people mostly enjoy it and sales are up. However for me… my motivation has shifted away from the game because of taking away a world that was worth exploring and while I figured mindless grinding would be enough for me… it really wasn’t. It was overwhelming in a lot of ways without that security blanket of what was to go hang out and enjoy.

I’m not trying to be negative in this either though some points may seem that way. The development team has done a great job in making a great game both original and reborn. Nostalgia is a big factor for me personally though so I’m very inclined to agree there needs to be a way into the old orbus… but… I do understand the manpower of programming and redesign it would take so I understand its lack of possibility to be realistic in happening.

Just my two cents, will still follow news and pop on now and again and hope one day have that legit itch to be on it all the time like before.


Not just you man… just look at the fellowship discords. Nova (dead), Alphabet (dead), Orbus Unofficial (dead), Dysfunctional (dead), The Guild (dead) Guardians of Highsteppe (dead), The Community, (dead), etc. The only time people ever talk is if they are doing a raid, or when they are playing a game besides Orbus. I’m at the point where I’m reinstalling Overwatch and Minecraft because of boredom, and I’m having a blast.


@J11 news to me! :rofl:

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I mean… we don’t have much challenging stuff to do atm other than raids so its right to some extent… But we do have scheduled events for shards sometimes still but we have all the records (where 1 is a pug of nova and alphabet)… But yeah… its quiet…


Devs, please hire Airis as head game advisor :sweat_smile:

As a new Orbus player, I would love to play and visit the original Orbus, without losing Reborn. For knowing the world and its story. In Reborn there are many references to the story of the original Orbus but we cannot access that story. It is frustrating a little. Also, in Reborn there are many things to do, but it is lack of offering a main purpose for the player. You are thrown into a free world, which is good, but no matter how much you play, you don’t find a main purpose that involves and catches you.

I also think it is very important to improve the graphic and environmental effects experience for those users who use PCs. Being able to play Orbus in Quest is wonderful even if it’s graphically basic, it’s a good compromise. But on PC there should be fog, snow, dust in suspension … and flower fields, many, beautiful and extensive flower fields for Airis :smile: and for everyone. And better texture quality, more polygons, waterfalls that are not flat, etc. I know people who play in Quest and are very happy to be able to do so, but I also know people who play in Quest when outside or travelling and in PC while at home and they want a bigger difference in graphics quality because for PC it is too basic. The same for player who only use PC, mainly all the veterans who now feel like the graphics quality now is lower in Reborn in some aspects.


This is what I think is lacking the most!


My post will probably be a combination from the “reborn isn’t for me”, “player motivation” and this thread

Reborn (still) hasn’t caught me like the old Orbus did. I was REALLY addicted to the old game. In one way the old game felt way more as a complete Game, the World, the Dungeons, the start as a new Player, the palpable Progression. All this is gone.

In the old game, you started in a Training Area with Bart, he explained you what to do, then slowly you started Quests. Me (and a lot of other Players) died from the Redtails, which needed to kill for one of the first Quests, and it was FINE. In the old Game you slowly learned to use your class.
There were always People in or around Highsteppe you could ask or group up. Find new Friends, that was amazing. And also later I cant remember how many times I helped some new Player at the Beginning. In this Game i saw one guy asking. The game feels big and unfamiliar and empty also unfinished.

I got some People to buy/try Orbus Reborn and the biggest issue of them was, they didn’t know what to do, where to start. Theres no good tutorial, you cant count Randel as a tutorial…Of course people will say here, that the new people not really want to play the game, when they need a tutorial and don’t want to find things out on their own at the Beginning, but if the Beginning is already shit, people will NOT stay. They don’t understand where to start Quests. And that’s seriously an issue. Yeah the Vendors have like this speech Bubble, and a short text but its still not obvious. In the old game that was easy. You followed the Main Story, and the Story was going on and on.
You needed to group up, which was the best time in old Orbus of my adventure, you met people running around doing the Main Story, which was great. Now we have this short different Lore Quests/Main Story which is kinda hidden to start. The Missions are really boring, in comparison to the old game Quest Line.
And the Game was challenging, if your Level was too low you couldn’t get further in the Story, or you needed help, I remember when my friends, which were 1 step further in the Story, helped me to get the last cube in Lucian Plains, because I was too weak, they fought the Mobs, while I sneaked through and grabbed the cube. It was FUN, there is nothing similar in this Game right now. If youre too low to kill xy you just go and do a few critter missions and youre fine.

In the Old Game you felt and saw the progression. You actually needed to Play the Class, while doing the Story (if you had no class on lv 20), now atm in reborn my Bard is lv 21 and ive NOT A SINGLE Ides how to Play the Class, just from Missions, mostly daily critter ones.

Classes should need to be unlocked by players, like mage was at Tiny, also People don’t understand that they get ALL Beginner Weapons from the NPC in HS.

I remember this beginner Outfit and then the first upgrade, omg we felt so cool with this new Gear. You felt the progression in killing faster. You looked cooler as further you came ingame. I remember when we had no dyes ingame, and the gear was still cool.
It took us moths to finish the Quests and got to max Level, now its DAY(S)

The Reborn Gear looks, for all Classes kinda the same, boring and brownish, theres no progression even if you get new Gear. Theres not a single Moment with like “I look soo cool”, okay the Vendor Armor is cool, also the Mounts, but not the regular Game Gear.
Lets not talk about the first techno and spiro gear in oldbus, but then people to started to get the big Mage Hat, and it was AMAZING. Raids came out, we all looked amazing, the Hardmode Gear was the best, it looked impressive, I still don’t get WHY they bring back the normal raid gear and not hardmode, we all worked hard to get hardmode gear to look cool as fuck. Also that means no kittymask, boooooo!!
Also the Capes and Weapons, whats going on? Why is everything so ugly, I want that colorful cool looking style back.

I miss the smaller Highsteppe where you actually could find people, the Meeting Place the Dummy, the flying Airship, the Towns and NPCs, the Wilds, the Dungeons and Raids, you always met someone in the World. Miss the different Zones, from Rainforest to Desert to Lamavora and frosted Spit, now everywhere looks kinda the same. And that’s just boring.

The old Game had amazing Places, as Airis said the Door Mountain or the skeleton, also the broken House in Lucian, the (useless) sky resort or the Pools in flower,flower,FLOWER Lamavora. The Tradu Mines behind the Waterfall. The fishing hut downstairs Highsteppe, where always were people. Tinys Cave, old Kingsport were we farmed Js Ball. Lakewood Inn, the burning Forest, the Temple in the Rainforest and so on and so on. This game is just flat without any of these Places. Nothing special.

I was running sometimes instead of teleporting, but now im just clicking on the teleport stone and done.
You don’t even need to go out in the Wold for Dungeons. I know people like it, that the Dungeons are all in HS but I really dislike that.

I understand that the Dev Team is not that big and all this stuff, but in my opinion they went the wrong way, pretty bad. The best way would have been the old World as a remake. With new Graphics but keep the Places, NPCs, Dungeons, and add all this new Stuff, like critter, Dragonraces, newer Quests. All the good new Features, like the Gear Loadouts, Grinder and stuff.

This Game/World feels open and empty, and not finished. Its simply boring. Before Reborn I logged in daily had fun hanging around, group up, farming wilds, shards, or just grabbed random people from Highsteppe and went to a normal raid, no matter what time for me, even when it was already 1am for me. And now? I just login to hang a bit around with friends then mostly do 2 Shards and that’s it. Nothing is holding me, Orbus is not that what it was anymore. Orbus lost already strong community members. The Discords are empty, that was not the case in the old Game, even it had less to do for us.
Its hard to find even 1 lv 30 Player, when we miss 1 Player for a Raid or something. Most Player don’t stay after they hit lv 30 or stopped even before.

I really wish they could bring a bit of this Oldbus magic we had. Its soo sad to see the old World in Videos or Pictures.
I know this is gone, and sure they don’t will bring it/or anything of it back, because they going their own way, we told them enough whats not good in this game, and we see it already at the Players ingame. Sadly im counting myself to the people which loosing interest PRETTY QUICKLY, it is so sad.


They are likely zero, for technical reasons. I constantly wonder how players think we are just playing the “same” game and it is not a big deal bringing OG content for it back or connect it somehow to the other. We are playing an entirely different game, under the hood, which needs regular maintenance, constant updates etc. for security and performance reasons. Unlike a local single player game you can’t leave an MMO alone for years unattended and it just “works”. If the old game should come back then a full team to first of all update it to a newer unity version and then constantly maintaining it needs to come with it. Which likely won’t happen and noone will pay the salary for these people. Whatever is implemented in Reborn needs more or less be done from scratch, no matter if it was there in the OG or not.

And since all needs be done anew anyway I would also like to see content coming back, but not 1:1 but in a revised form. What became of all the desert people, what of frosted spit? I expect to see some old faces and perhaps even some mobs reappearing, connected to a lore why that is, but also new content. A mere revival would be pretty boring and I don’t miss the old bossfights either, sorry, some of them were relying on completely different and somewhat buggy mechanics like the never-really-fitting red AoEs. I rather hope to see more new stuff and a growing world gradually filled with more lore and life, plus new areas - which could well resemble the still missing old, in many points -, soon.

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I wish reborn was an expansion, which is exactly what they said it was going to be. It would have been better if they re-did the old game and then expanded on it. Because this game lost almost everything I loved about the old one


I still like the game, just less


I get that there is ‘nostalgia’ with the old game… But it is probably better to ask exactly what from the old games you missed and why?

I will start:

  • i miss [feature] because [motivation]
  • I miss abberations because they allowed me to feel challenged when fighting them and they felt different.
  • I miss gear by level because it made me feel like I was progressing as I was leveling up.
  • I miss no mob scaling because it meant I get to progressively explore new areas
Bring back the old Orbus

I miss the old combat, I hate that mobs teleport to you as a ranger, I hate that mobs still suddenly jump to the side, it’s not fun

Also hate that the mobs with the staffs that use wild bolts have a 15m range, so as a ranger, you can never get globes, make it 20m like the flying thingies or pistolers


I miss the world build with guards and npc’s all over the place. It was a lot more alive.

I miss the more open dungeons, that fellt big and strange with there chuthulu decorations, and odd machines mixed in. All current dungeons are minimalistic, covering just the area ment for the boss effects and nothing else. Nothing to play around with or experiment with or wonder about.

EverythI miss the feeling that I completed a area.
Wish there was a button so I could turn on and off level scaling. Sometimes you just want to smash things other then innocent animals.


I miss abberations because they were fun,unique, and somewhat challenging to fight
I miss the old world, it felt much more alive and filled with towns, forests and unique biomes
I miss mob varriety even though most of them were just re-skins they felt different and gave biomes even more life
I miss the old msq that took you through the entire game and gave you something to do before you hit max level
To expand further on the biomes and areas opinion when I was walking around it felt fun and cool because there were a few towns, a jail, an inn, a watch tower, an orchard, a city full of cultists, a cave, a nother cave that was a dungeon, unique mobs, a burning forest, and several bodies of water. This was in one area of the map, correct me if I missed anything