Drop Chances For Legendary

What are the chances for the legendary transmogs and pets to drop? I can’t find it anywhere and I’m contemplating if I should grind for them. Also does the luck stat affect the drop chances?

The overworld legendarys are Angel Wings, Demon Wings, Halo, Cat Ears, and the Elongota Pet. These items drop from any monster in the overworld. (anything that isn’t a shard or raid.) They can drop in dungeons that are not shards. They are super rare and here is what we know about their drop chance.

"It is only from overworld mobs. Other than that, anything goes, but as I have said before, there is no benefit to farming like “the most mobs per hour” or something. Every 60 seconds if you are doing overworld content there is a hidden roll. If you hit on it then the next overworld mob you kill will have the drop. So as long as you are killing something at least once per minute in the overworld, you are getting the chance to get it."

No one knows the exact percent. Luck will influence how many drops you get but won’t matter much with these because you get one chance every minute to get one of them.

Essentially you can only have a chance at it every 60 seconds and we don’t know if luck affects it

For standard legendary drops it increases the chance by a percentage: 500 luck is a 50% drop chance increase to all items in the drop table meaning that a say 1% drop chance legendary will become a 1.5% drop chance where a 30% chance reagent becomes a 45% chance reagent; more common drops, less rare drops, but more drops overall.

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