Drop rates for dyes - more specifically one of them

Greetings, fellow Orbians!

I’m probably extremely wrong on this - and I hope I am - but have anyone else noticed how harder is has been to get Taffey Major Dye from Void Casters in Lamavora? Whenever I needed them - I use that dye in 7 of my 9 different outfits - I used to get a fairly drop rate (maybe 1/100) when farming for that dye.

Lately, with even higher Luck (from perks), I don’t get a single one. Still trying to get them, but they never drop.

One can say “well, it seems like Lady Luck is not by your side anymore”, and that could be true. But I also used to buy them fairly often in the Auctioneer. Can’t remember when was the last time I saw someone selling that item. So Lady Luck might be lonely lol or everybody is stocking that dye now, instead of selling them.

Did anyone else feel any difference lately for that specific item? Is there any other monster that can drop that dye? Did anyone else feel any difference in any other drop rate for dyes, or other items?

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The purples in the basin also drop Taffey dye. If you need more and I’m online, I can give you what I have (Tabsabout).

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