Dual Wielding Class Suggesstion

I Propose a new class or talent, Dual Wielding! Like as a class it would have its own abilities and armour and such and I also have ideas for those as well,

  1. Let’s start off with the most important part of the dual wielders class the weapons! I saw some cool idea’s where it would be a talent and you would just equip the normal swords as a warrior (after selecting the talent) but the problem with that would be that you would need another talent to pick from, (I don’t know if they talked about that in their topic I didn’t fully read it) may be a better shield talent or something similar? Now I think it would work better as just a class by its self. Instead of just using warrior swords it would be a sword with less damage but since you can dual wield it would make up for it. And I am pretty sure most if not all classes have a cool ability, (Runemages have the giant array of powers, Warriors have the combos, Scoundrel has its aimbot thing etc…) The dual wielder could have combos that require you too use both swords, or have a thing where once you hit enough with the swords if you activate your super and hit in a right combination it would do a ton of damage!

  2. What about armour? Well I think for the armour what you could do is make the armour not really protect the user but instead have it let them move faster since dual wielders would have to be agile to carry two words and not get hit (Maybe like a mount thing?)

Some last things I want to mention. So for all the classes, tank DPS etc… there has always been two in each one, Maybe also add another class (Agility maybe and add another that the community thinks would be great) as for the talents it would have I don’t know maybe people in the comments of this could put some great ideas in. (wink wink)

Anyways this is just a thought I had after watching some Sao, Have a good one’ and if you do add this is I can’t say this enough. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR LETTING ME LIVE OUT MY DREAMS AS A DUAL WIELDING SWORD BADA**!!! Keep up the great work!

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What do you guys think? do you think they should add this? What could I improve about my argument? Thanks for reading!

I want all classes to dual wield … give me a scoundrel gun with my wand … or just 2 wands … or 2 guns … I’m not picky , yes i am, that was a lie.