Dying World -> Reborn World... Lore Updates?


Before Defend the Realm officially started, there was a lot of discussion about how the reborn world (and the player participation in it) would be integrated with the lore.

One of the hidden strengths of Orbus has been it’s surprising amount of integrated lore, even if many players don’t pick up on most of it, and I’d love to be able to connect with the world better through a deeper understanding of what is going down with the impending world rebirth.

Personally for example, I’m interested in this notion that Guardian Bart sees whats coming and is stockpiling for the apocalypse, but I would love to know more, even if it’s just an in-game book, or a forum post giving us some more context. (Quests and more would be great too of course but I realize that’s potentially wasted work)

Various lore question brainstorming…

  • What exactly is leading Bart to believe the end is nigh?
  • Is Bart the only one seeing this coming? How are the other NPCs, factions and kingdoms responding to the changes?
  • Do people not believe him? Is this contentious?
  • Where are all these resources being stored and how are they going to be utilized?
  • How do the players survive the breaking?
  • How does what’s happening now tie into the history of the world, from the Essasa to the Realm of Chaos, etc.


We are definitely planning to address what’s going on in-between the current game and Reborn via lots of lore books and the like in Reborn. I think it might also be fun to address that as we’re all waiting, though, too. I’m not totally sure how that works though, since there’s this sort of time jump between the two…like would we put out lore now that is discussing things that haven’t yet taken place but will?

Or maybe that can be part of the Beta process somehow?


I think we should hold a Lore writing contest. all participants will be sending their writing to the DEV team and whoever’s lore was chosen by the dev team should receive the title of “The Prophet”


I was mostly thinking of stuff in context now, leading up to the end of the current world. Even if it’s from the perspective of NPCs who don’t have all the answers, or have certain things wrong, seeing the reasoning behind the stockpiling of resources, and the escalation of chaos and danger across the world, and how the factions and individuals are dealing with it… I think would be pretty fascinating.


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