Early access and continued support

The Dev teams work is amazing and very appreciated as Beta 4 saw the discovery and correction of several issues, big and small. Thank you for working so hard to create this amazing world for us to explore.

We’re all looking forward to the Early Access launch, and I’m sure there’s many players like myself that want to continue helping to make this game even more wonderful. Even a fully realized game will have bugs after all.

So if we were to discover a bug, glitch or whatever, would we still come to these forums? Or would there be a report issue within Steam(dunno the oculus ver) that would be preferred?


Hey, thanks for the kind words! :slight_smile:

Nothing will really change in terms of bug reporting and community interaction here (except getting busier and maybe not having the time to respond in depth to everything depending on the turnout) so keep doing what you’ve been doing!
We super appreciate all your efforts into helping us improve the game.

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Will there be a report bug option on the launcher / in-game when it is moved to the new platform?

There won’t be, we’re looking at options to implement that a different way.

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