Early Access Begins Today!

Today, finally, we are getting ready to enter Early Access! Hooray! No more scheduled downtime, no more character resets/wipes, just all OrbusVR, all the time. Get excited! :slight_smile:

Playing in Early Access

You must use either the Steam or Oculus Home store now to play the game. The old Launchers that we used during the Alpha/Beta process will no longer function or allow you to log into the game.

If you already bought the game from us on our website or via Kickstarter, and have not already done so, you should claim a Steam or Oculus Key on your My Account Page:


Downloading the Game

Currently the game will not start downloading on Steam until the game is unlocked at 12 PM (Noon) US Central Time (when Early Access begins officially). We don’t have any control over this, Steam does not allow preloads for Early Access games.

On Oculus, the game will begin downloading as soon as you register your key, however you cannot actually play until the servers go live. In addition, it’s possible we will put out another patch prior to Noon, so just keep that in mind.

Updating the Game

Your game should auto-update on both stores when you aren’t in-game playing. If we put out a major patch that requires an update, we will force everyone to disconnect and then we now have a mechanism in place that will check your version when you try to login on your Character, and if your game is out of date it will let you know. Then just close your game and the Steam/Oculus app should update it, and you can hop back in.

The good news is that both stores have much more efficient update processes than the old Launcher did, and as such the update sizes of the game should be measured in megabytes, not gigabytes, from here on out.

It’s quite likely we will put out a lot of patches in the coming weeks as we discover new bugs and lots of new people play the game. That’s normal and to be expected :slight_smile:

Claiming Your Rewards

If it’s your first time logging into the game, there is a “Backer Rewards” vendor that is across the plaza from your house in Highsteppe. Just talk to them and they will give you all rewards to which you are entitled based on the level at which you bought the game.

Dragon Pets

Of special note, the Dragon pets were a Kickstarter-exclusive reward. And that’s still the case. However, we have listened to the community’s feedback on this and we know that you all want a pet as well. There is now a quest you can complete for Sicilus in the Zoological Gardens which will reward you with a dragon pet (although a different one than the Kickstarter-exclusive ones).

Reporting Bugs and Issues

If there are bugs or issues that you have while playing the game, please continue to make posts on these forums under the Bugs category to let us know. While we’ll do our best to check other places such as the Steam discussion forums for the game, your fastest response will always come from here.

If you have any other questions please just let us know. We’re excited to have you back in-game with us!


Thanks for the hard work! You make it seem really fun and engaging to be a game developer. I enjoy this game a lot and see endless potential. I hope this game provides you with joy to develop and I hope it exceeds your expectations and hopefully even offers you some sort of ongoing sense of fulfillment. Can’t wait to make close friends in Orbus VR!


Congratulation on early access! I can’t wait to be able to play this all the time with no wipes, and recruit my friends to play too! The game is awesome fun you guys should be proud!


Thanks everyone!

The Patch Notes are now up for this morning’s new patch:


See you in-game soon!

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The servers are now online and the download is available on both Steam and Oculus. Thanks!

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thanks for giving those of us who did not back the kick starter a chance to get a pet

No problem. Go talk to Sicilus at the University Island near Guild City to start on the quest line to get the little buddy

In about 5 minutes we’re going to have to do a server restart. Please stand by.

The restart has been completed, sorry for any interruption.

May I say I’m not sure what you did but it all ready performed brilliantly prior to EA but now it’s super smooth on my rig now to the point of I had to check if the graphics present was on standard nope ultra … damn good job also loving the new clutter editions and decorations to hihgstepe. I have one question though? In the city town where a band is playing the song is very bass laden and there’s no one playing a bass instrument it’s kinda weird.

Thanks! Glad it’s working well for you now.

Yeah we might need to adjust that music haha.

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Is there anyway I could trade out my Oculus code for a Steam code?

Was there a character wipe right before early access started?

Yes, there was a character wipe after Beta 4 was over and the world began anew as of the Headstart/EA

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