Early Access Day 2 - A lot worse

So yeah, day 1 was awesome. Day 2 was still good fun, but the voice chat…oh that damn voice chat. The whole day we had problems with both the normal voice chat and especially party chat. Often others could not hear you and you couldnt hear others. It was so annoying… it really ruined the party when we were trying to get it organized. All of us agreed that day 1 was a lot more stable in that regard.
Then there were those bugs where I could hear others but I didnt move on their screen and they could not hear me… like the server didnt broadcast any of my actions. This happend about 3 times and also happened to other party members. An, well yeah, I reported bout the dungeon being a lot less fun then I remembered in another topic.

So, day 2 was still fun, but it could not catch up to the fun we had on day 1. Hope day 3 will be better again.


Do you know if voice chat’s been any better for you since the server restart for the patch earlier?

It did not seem to be better if I remember correctly

You can try talking with each other over discord and muting each other in game. Sadly the hands will disappear than but this will guarantee a better voice chat.

Yeah, sure, but OrbusVR should deliver here. I mean… this might be a lazy workaround for party chat, but the open world voice chat is an important part for the social aspect in OrbusVR. I would even go as far as to say that OrbusVR would not be played by many without the open chat experience.

As far as I know is making voice broadcasting a very hard topic to make the best out of it. Programs like Skype and Discord spend a lot of time and have a lot improving this features. Even than people complain sometimes of voice loss and cut-offs. I would NEVER expect OrbusVR to have the same quality of voice chatting as those type of platforms. The Orbus team have way more things to do than just improving voice and have a way smaller team than those other programs. Not saying that they won’t improve it. Only saying it will never get as good as the other apps. Even if they implement the same features, all the bottlenecks from the other parts of the game might influence the voice chat as well.


Yeah sure, it is incredibly hard and I completely understand that its not an easy thing to do. However, this is one of the things that everybody who starts the game will immediatly encounter. People want to voice chat openly and do so all the time… so this isn’t something you could even hide in any way. So, something just should be done. I got used to it… I hate it, but I just accepted it. But many people I played with are really fed up with this. I really love OrbusVR and just want to point this out as I think the team needs a point-of-view from its playerbase

The voice chat was a bit better today in world chat, some minor glitches but it does still need improvement. Voice is a very high priority to get working flawlessly.

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